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Grayscale brings Solana Trust as company’s 16th investment product

Grayscale Investments has been famous for its Bitcoin and Ethereum funds. But they have recently started to diversify their offerings into different fund types. And as Grayscale brings Solana Trust, it becomes their 16th investment product. The Solana trust is surely going to be famous due to the rising popularity of the coin. It has a lot of benefits as compared to Ethereum which has been one of the main reasons for its increasing price.

Grayscale’s increasing diversification

In any investment space, the most important thing is diversification. If you are investing in stocks, you would prefer to split your money into different companies of different industries. Similarly, in the case of crypto, there are so many tokens and coins that they offer a very strong opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio. We all know that altcoins offer a much higher rate of return and have different use cases as compared to BTC and ETH. Therefore Grayscale is offering their investment products for the top alternative coins and tokens. The company’s CEO also said that investors are diversifying their portfolios beyond BTC and ETH. So, it makes sense that they are offering the option.

Grayscale brings Solana Trust

Coming to the Solana Trust, it will invest only in this coin and the same will be available for a daily subscription. It will be just like other offerings from the company. In fact, they have a lot of options including LINK, BCH, BAT, MANA, ETH, ETC, FIL, LTC, LPT, XLM, ZEC, and ZEN. Most of these coins are very popular and some are not. For example, ZEX is for cash and ZEN for Horizen.

Other offerings from Grayscale

The company also offers funds that invest in different assets and is a diversified mixture. These are their Digital large-cap fund and Grayscale DeFi fund. Both of them are doing good and as you can see by the name they have different areas of focus. The first is by market cap and the second is technology. In fact, the company is doing so well that they have now had over $53.5 billion assets under management. Among this almost $37 billion is in their GBTC trust which is the most popular one from the company.

What are your thoughts as Grayscale brings Solana Trust as one of their offerings? And do you think that Solana has a bright future ahead? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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