Grayscale bashes the SEC for rejecting a spot BTC ETF

Grayscale has added Uniswap and Solana to their fund

Grayscale has recently added Uniswap and Solana to their investment fund. The company is mainly popular for their Bitcoin fund, which is still trading at a discount. It is good to see that Uniswap is finally getting a lot of institutional attention as it deserves. Being the 2nd largest DeFi platform, it is a wonderful investment. On the other hand, Solana is also a great buy right now due to its super-fast transaction speeds while being cost-effective.

Solana and Uniswap in Grayscale funds

The rebalancing of its large-cap fund and the diversified portfolio fund has made Grayscale add Solana and Uniswap. Grayscale has sold some of its previous holdings and then used the cash proceeds to purchase the DeFi token and Solana coin. It will be the first time that Solana is added to a Grayscale fund, said the company. At the same time, Uniswap will also be present in the large-cap fund for the first time. Since I see great potential in Uniswap, it seems to be a good call right now.

Grayscale adds Solana and UniSwap to its premier fund

After the rebalancing was done, the percentages of different coins in the large-cap fund went like this. Bitcoin is at the top with 62.19%, and then we have Ethereum at 26.08%, ADA at 5.11%, Solana at 3.24%, Uniswap at 1.06%, Chainlink at 0.82%, Litecoin at 0.77% and Bitcoin Cash at 0.73%. On the other hand, for the DeFi fund of Grayscale, nothing was changed. The portfolio looks like this right now. We have Uniwap at 45.20%, Aave at 14.11%; MKR 7.84%, Sushiswap at 7.18%, Compound at 6.73%, Synthetix at 6.29%, Yearn finance at 3.92%, Curve at 3.53%, Bancor network token at 3.04%, and UMA Protocol at 2.16%.

Grayscale is important for crypto

It is the largest crypto investment fund globally and brings a lot of institutional investors from across the world. The fund has about $41.5 billion in assets under management, so it is so crucial for the crypto markets. A lot of big firms and wealthy individuals still prefer investing in crypto indirectly due to the convenience. And with Grayscale, they get all forms of funds getting the options to choose and invest. In fact, their shares are at a discount, which makes it even better to invest through them rather than buying BTC directly.

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