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Guest Post: Vidtoon™, A Playground Of 2D Animation

2D animated videos are becoming one of the most used relevant digital marketing tools in recent years. Whether you’re working in a small startup or a huge corporation, using animated video software like Vidtoon™ is crucial to deliver strong, engaging video content to boost your traffic and reach higher customer conversions. 

Animation videos are useful to explain complex notions and processes. They can be used to sell products and gain recognition. We all know that branding is so important when showcasing any product or service. Therefore, having an animated video with specific elements can be considered a branding tool. 

One of the reasons why people resonate with a product displayed using animated videos is the emotional aspect of it. Almost everyone was introduced to cartoon movies at a younger age. The flexibility of cartoons allows animated videos to take on complex and unusual concepts and make them reachable. These types of videos usually grab people’s attention which then leads them to invest time to understand the business. 

What is 2D Animation Exactly?

In case you are introduced to this term for the first time, 2D animation is a notion of animation in which the elements are created in a 2D space. This type of animation was initially developed by drawing images on a clean sheet, then photographed one frame at a time making a sequence. With advanced technology, the process can now be done easily using computer technology.

You may be wondering why animated videos are gaining popularity recently and how many marketers have stated they will continue using them throughout their campaigns? 

Well, we all know that 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information we grasp is transmitted to our brain in visual forms. 

Vision is the most dominant sense humans have, so it’s fair to say that in a competitive world like digital marketing, businesses need to target as many people as possible based on different preferences. 

Vidtoon™- New 2D Animation Video Software

As a consequence of the growing digital marketing industry and the need to create animated videos for different purposes, we have noticed that businesses and startup companies are in a desperate need to find the best-animated video software to create quality animation videos. Production houses have realized the growing demand for this particular technology and its potential. 

The Ideal Animation video software?

What makes an ideal animation video software? Quality and reasonable price point. Vidtoon™ is a 2D animation video software with unique animated characters, background images, and an encouraging price. It retails for a $49 one-time payment and doesn’t have any upsells. 

Using Vidtoon™ as your animation video software will help you overcome any challenges that might face your business.Vidtoon™ can help businesses achieve a higher return on investment. Animated videos have the best ROI. This statement is backed by marketing professionals who have used different trends and practices. 

There is an unlimited potential working with Vidtoon™. Animated videos can adapt to different concepts whether imaginary or real ideas. Since these videos are essentially cartoon drawings portrayed together in a sequence to form an animation, you can use any character, elements, or idea in a cartoon form and animate it. Animated videos are known to be sustainable in the longest run. 

In what ways can you use Vidtoon™ software?

Businesses can use Vidtoon™ software to create videos for their email marketing strategy. You might think it’s not useful to add video in your email outreach but these strategies, if well-executed and done professionally, can attract different audiences and potentially more conversion. Read more on how you can do it here.

Marketing experts have always shared that the effectiveness of any strategy lies in the ability to customize your work overtime. Another aspect in which Vidtoon would be the perfect source for animated videos is that you can change your work all the time. Businesses who invest in live-action movies lack this option. 

Once they have recorded their videos they can no longer alternate or edit back their project. However, investing in Vidtoon™ software will not only be cost-effective (you can have the software for a lifetime with free updates) but can also save you time.

2D Animation Features Available in Vidtoon™

Animation video production companies have been testing and creating different software that best responds to what they think is needed in the market. Therefore, you will notice that every animation video software is different. Each has its unique features. 

For Vidtoon™, one of the main characteristics that encourage people to start creating their animation videos is the selection of animated characters and images. They have more than 1500+ animated characters that correspond to different professions. Vidtoon™ is one of few software technologies that include black characters to reinforce inclusivity. It also has both genders for every profession. 

Another important feature in Vidtoon™ is the ability to create a 25 min video using different scenes and transitions. The average time you can create animated videos is 15 min maximum in other software. However, for Vidtoon™, the main priority is to be able to work on a project without having to consider time or looking for other tools to merge your exported projects. You can add as many scenes as you want and also change transitions in between your scenes for a professional result. 

In a business context, in case you are preparing for your video marketing campaign and you’re using Vidtoon™ as your software, you can use your own resources as well. Animated videos for a business video marketing campaign usually display the companies’ logo, infographics, icons, and much more! The Vidtoon™ gallery feature is created for this exact purpose. You can import your material in either SVG, PNG, or GIF format and use them in the process of creating your video. 

You can also add your company’s own soundtrack using the Music feature. In case you don’t have a specific one, you can browse your preferred music from the list provided in Vidtoon™. Music copyright can be a nightmare to some businesses. Using copyrighted music can risk a company paying fines and even go beyond that. Vidtoon™ has almost 150+ music tracks free to use.  

Vidtoon™ implemented a new feature to help you select the resolution in case you would like to use your video on any of your social platforms. Marketers have agreed that using video marketing strategy in social media platforms is crucial as it has a high capacity for businesses to go viral. However, you can’t use the same resolution for a Facebook post and also add it to your Instagram stories. Vidtoon™ allows content creators to select any resolution they want to minimize the effort of editing the video once completed.



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