Hackers return $260 million after the biggest DeFi theft in history

A few days back, one of the largest crypto hacks in history has taken place. Poly Network was attacked, and $610 million was stolen from their network. This shocked the entire crypto market as hackers have never stolen such a huge amount before. In fact, the largest hack before this was around $550 million back in 2018. But the good part is that on being urged by the company to return the funds, hackers have sent back $260 million. It seems that very soon, they could send back the remaining funds too.

The hack

Hackers return $260 million

It seems that the hack was done by “white-hat” hackers who are on our side. They didn’t do this for their personal gain and is therefore returning the funds. In fact, the hacker was exchanging messages on the network and was really having fun, it seems. He/she/the group did this to expose the vulnerability on the Poly network and make sure that it is fixed. The hacker also wrote that it was always the plan to return the money, and he/she/the group never was interested in it.

If the hacker returns the rest of the assets then it will be a good thing that whatever happened happened. The Poly network could now work on the vulnerabilities and make sure nothing such happens in the future.

The outcome of the hack

Even if the tokens are returned, the hack was so big that it could seek the attention of the authorities. They are going to get one more reason to regulate the markets and networks. Therefore, it is important that DeFi protocols take this seriously and make sure their network is not vulnerable before launch. As of now, the sector is seeing over $80 billion in tokens on the network and such vulnerabilities could be a big problem for the same.

It is said that even if tokens are hacked it will be challenging to launder and use them due to the network’s visibility. But I think if someone can get into a network and steal $600 million then laundering and using the tokens won’t be such a big deal. What are your thoughts on the same? And do you think that hackers will return the tokens apart from the $260 million? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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