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Here’s how to check your Apple Pencil battery so you realize when to charge it.

There’s nothing so disturbing as getting into a flow state, just to have the innovation you’re using lose power, stopping everything. For the individuals who use the Apple Pencil with an iPad, that experience can be really basic since the actual Pencil doesn’t show battery life.

The good news is if you have a second-generation Apple Pencil, the technique to check your battery is fairly straightforward, similar to the strategy to charge it. An original Apple Pencil requires an alternate methodology, which can be somewhat more confused.

Here’s how to check your Pencil’s battery depending on which version you own:

How to check your Apple Pencil Battery Second generation-

1. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

2. Spot your Apple Pencil to the magnetic connector at the highest point of your iPad, situated as an afterthought with the volume catches. This will likewise charge it.

How to check your Apple Pencil battery so you know when to charge it

Only a second generation Apple Pencil can be charged via the magnetic connector option.

Neil Godwin/Future/Getty Images

 3.The battery status will show up at the highest point of the screen (if nothing shows up, have a go at connecting once more, or leave connected briefly as the battery may be near zero).

Another way to check is to open the Settings application and click on “Apple Pencil.” You should see the battery level at the top.

First generation

  1. Swipe down from the top bezel of your iPad to get to the Notification community.
  2. Swipe option to see Widgets.
  3. Tap “Batteries.”

On the off chance that you don’t have the Batteries widget on your iPad, you’ll need to enable it. Tap Edit at the lower part of the Widgets area and the Plus symbol close to Batteries – it should now be a functioning gadget. You can likewise check your second-generation Pencil if you select.

How to check your Apple Pencil battery so you know when to charge it

A first generation Apple Pencil is distinguishable by the magnetically attached cap.

Joby Sessions/MacFormat Magazine/Future/Getty Images

You can charge the first age Apple Pencil in two different ways. To begin with, open the cap (attractively join it close to the iPad’s Home catch not to lose it). Attach your Apple Pencil into the Lightning connector or Lightning port on your iPad, or accuse of a USB Power Adapter by using the Lightning connector your Pencil followed.



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