Here’s how to export all your Facebook posts to Google Drive

Facebook warns you that you are not ‘moving’ or ‘deleting’ old posts. You are just copying them to another location. To delete all your posts, you need to do them all manually, or you can delete your entire Facebook account.

Wanting to leave Facebook? Or then again simply need to save temporary posts you’ve made on the platform? You would now be able to move them all to a Google Doc, Blogger, or WordPress.

Facebook is presently permitting you to swap your presents on Google Drive, and here’s a guide on how you can do it. However, what does one do after you have sent out every one of these posts?

Certainly, you can download everything on your PC and protect it sponsored up and, you know, if you need to look back at 10 years or so of awkward things you’ve posted. This is additionally something to be thankful for to do if you are anticipating leaving the platform completely.

How to export your Facebook posts:

– Start Facebook and head over to Settings.

– Go to the Your Facebook Information segment. Click on ‘View’ and then on the ‘Transfer a Copy of Your Information’ line.

You can just save posts from your profile, the ones you have made. Not those you've made on groups or other pages, and also not the ones your friends have made on your wall. 

– Please note, as Facebook warns you that you are not ‘‘moving’ or ‘deleting’ old posts. You are simply copying them to another area. To erase every one of your posts, you need to do them all physically, or you can erase your whole Facebook account.

– Now, on the screen that surfaces, you can choose whether you need to save Posts, or Notes, or Photos, anything you desire to move. Kindly note, these posts you are saving are just from your profile.

Posts you have made on different gatherings and pages won’t be duplicated. Furthermore, this component saves your posts just, not posts friends have made on your Facebook divider.