Hide your caller ID on iPhone and Android devices
How to block your number, hide your caller ID on iPhone and Android devices

In light of many malicious activities like hackings and spyware installations on devices, it is best to stay anonymous. Protect yourself and your contacts from being exposed to malware from scammers. The best way to protect your privacy is to stay undetected but is a difficult feat when our phones can literally track our locations. One way to stop receiving unnecessary calls and messages is to block your number and hide your caller ID. Read further for steps on how to hide your caller ID.

How to block your number and hide your caller ID

  • Dial *67 before the number you would like to call. Copy the number to your clipboard and add *67 to the beginning of the number to hide your caller ID. No caller ID will be shown on the receiver’s phone.
  • You have the option of also changing a few settings on your phone to block your number. You will either show up as blocked, private or with No caller ID on the receiver’s phone. Go to Settings then go to your Message Settings on your phone, scroll down to Block Numbers and then click on “Caller ID and spam protection” turn off “Show your name and number“.

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If your phone doesn’t have an option to block your number then you can directly call your cell carrier and make a request to block your number. they will guide you on how to block your number through their app. To unblock your number just dial *82 before the number you want to call.

It is always better to be on the side of caution and takes steps to protect your privacy. Don’t be a victim of unnecessary spam calls, messages, and malware. Install anti-malware software before it is too late, stay ahead of any possible attack. Read further to know more on how to protect your phone here.