Hollow Knight for PC: Fix missing UnityPlayer.dll error

UnityPlayer is a special DLL file developed by Unity Technologies ApS. It is specifically useful for games that have a lot of 3D graphics. Not only does it help create the 3D content for these applications, but it also produces interesting animated characters for games. It enables the users design their games and work on special effects. So, if the DLL file is missing while running a game or application, it will fail to work with an error message. 

Hollow Knight is a popular PC game that works as an interesting action-adventure thriller game. It helps the users explore a journey through an interconnected world featuring multiple cities, caverns, dealing with creatures while solving mysteries along the way. It was first launched into the market in the middle of 2018.

Team Cherry has done quite an interesting job of developing this PC game, that is only 5.3GB in size, but is completely action-packed. It is a single-player game supporting languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian.

In a very short span of time, Hollow Knight has established itself in the gaming market and has attracted users from all across the globe. It can be played in the TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode. 

Hollow Knight flaunts a lot of interesting features that keep the users attracted to the application. It gives you the option to choose your own path in this adventurous journey. This means the users can select the path they wish to travel in, select the enemies they want to fight, and find the right moves ahead. 

In addition, the game lets the users utilize their abilities and emerge out with more powerful capabilities. You can increase the speed of travel and gain strength during the course of your journey. You can also learn new spells and reach new heights with this game. 

The day before the game had its Switch launch, Hollow Knights completed its one million units threshold, across PC, Mac, and Linux releases. It sold 250,000 copies within the first couple of weeks, helping the developers Team Cherry grow in the gaming world. Hollow Knight was built on the Unity platform, bringing the users interesting graphics and animations. Unity, essentially, is a game engine developed by Unity Technologies. The engine has been known to support more than 25 platforms as of now. This includes the likes of Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, PlayStation VR, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the likes. It specializes in creating and developing two-dimensional, three-dimensional, VR games, and augmented reality games. Its applications have been adopted outside of the gaming world through automotive, architecture, and engineering industries. 

Since Hollow Knight is built on the Unity platform, it requires the UnityPlayer.dll file in order to work smoothly and operate on its own. If the file is corrupted or missing from the system, it becomes difficult to play the game. Some of the most common errors for UnityPlayer.dll for playing Hollow Knight include: ‘unityplayer.dll File Not Found,’ ‘The file unityplayer.dll is missing,’ ‘Cannot find [PATH]unityplayer.dll’ and the likes. The primary cause for this error is either a missing DLL file or a misplaced one or even a faulty file. 

How To Fix The Unityplayer.Dll Error?

  • Run a virus scan – If some malware is clouding the system, there are high chances that the DLL file will fail to work. In these situations, running a virus scan can help you identify the problem. 
  • Install DLL file again – This is a full-proof method to get your DLL file working again. All you have to do is use the file on your system and reinstall it. If you do not have the file, you could download it online and then install to fix dll error
  • Restore the DLL file – In the situation that the DLL file got deleted from the system for some reason, you could look for it in the Recycle Bin and restore it to fix the UnityPlayer.dll error. 

Following these simple fixes, the UnityPlayer.dll file can be restored, and you can get back to your adventures in the Hollow Knight game!