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How AI Will Change Email Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town these days, and email marketing industry is no exception. From robots to personalization, the marketing implications for AI are interesting to discuss. AI helps email marketers personalize everything- copy, images, to the send-time of the emails. This way, email doesn’t get disappear in crowded inboxes. As an email marketer, your goal shouldn’t be just to send an email and get into the inbox. Your goals should be to connect, to provide value and to engage. 

Many businesses fail to realize how to grab their customer’s attention, this strategy requires you to think like your customers. How far are you willing to for success?

Check out the below-given smart ways using which you can leverage AI to boost your email marketing efforts and get the best out of your email campaigns.

AI-Powered Subject Lines

Research says 47% of subscribers make the decision to open or dismiss an email based on their subject line. Email subject lines contribute a lot as a part of email marketing campaign. 

If your emails aren’t getting opened, it’s probably because they aren’t engaging or intriguing. Of all the emails that someone gets, does your stand out in their inbox? These are things that need to be considered if you hope to achieve a good open rate. How are you supposed to make sales if your subscribers don’t even bother opening the email to see your amazing offers?

AI can be of great help as it uses deep learning to write, test, and optimize email subject line language. Subject lines powered with AI have proven to maximize engagement and open rates. Also, it tells what resonates and what does not resonate with your subscribers based on the history of email marketing campaigns.

So, use AI’s natural language technology to create optimized subject lines. 

Optimizing Email Send Timings

Along with a crispy and catchy headline, there are several other things that decide whether any recipient will open an email or not. And, that is an ideal time. These days, people spend most of their time scrutinizing emails on their phones. Most of the emails are opened from smartphones. To better understand, you as a business should analyze the user’s email browsing pattern and review email open rates in the past to get any important information. However, this could be time-consuming.

So, that’s where AI comes into the picture. It integrates well with your email marketing campaigns and does the required analysis for you. It also frees you from this extremely laborious and painstaking task, thereby shifting your focus on other important areas of your marketing campaign. 


Personalization is the most effective email tactic. Consumers switch to brands that better personalize marketing communication. Human touch goes a long way in the digital world. Today’s consumers are overloaded with brand emails trying to win them over.  It is imperative to cut through the noise and reach your target audience. 

Artificial Intelligence is an important part of digital marketing nowadays. We all leverage it when using Facebook and Google ads. Similarly, using AI in tracking user behavior is also essential. AI allows you to segment your email lists into different groups, so your recipients receive mails that are relevant to them. It helps you gather user’s data and understand them to be able to predict better.

Email Retargeting

Retargeting emails are an effective follow up to customers who have shown interest, encouraging them to purchase. When properly executed, retargeting could be a powerful tool to ensure higher returns. 

Artificial Intelligence can improve your retargeting strategy because it understands user browsing and shopping behavior accurately. Most importantly, it can segment your customers and send mails at the right time. AI integrated with Machine Learning boosts remarketing strategies with a glimpse on the user’s purchase history. It recognizes patterns that assist in predicting future purchase behavior.

Moreover, AI is also able to make out if your shoppers are serious about the purchase or not.

Automated Workflow

Having AI-enabled workflow ensures that all your email marketing efforts are taken care with the least of hassle. As the name says, automated makes things done at an increased speed and efficiency. Automating lets you move users smoothly through your sales process and that’s how you are going to start nurturing leads. 

AI sets the best campaigns for lead generation by identifying user behavior and personalizing email experience. AI technology brings the best results in terms of revenues by automating email workflow.


If you do not create or deliver something that users look for, they might switch to another brand. The inception of AI has made customer segmentation so powerful and effective. Having AI and machine learning integrated into an email marketing campaign not only strengthens its value but also makes your brand the most successful in this era.



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