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Casino Surveillance & Security Technology You Don’t See

Wherever money is involved, people will try to cheat. It is simply in human nature to seek any kind of edge, even though it may include forbidden actions. The opening two sentences lead us straight to casinos. Representing places that offer numerous ways for cheaters to look for the non-allowed advantage and get away with loads of money, casinos have been one of the main targets to scammers ever since they were established. 

As individuals, we are all required to take some actions to keep our money safe whether we play at online gambling hubs or at brick-and-mortar establishments. The former option brings us to a safer place as we do not have to deal with other people. We can visit the websites like America Gambles and register with one of the 100% safe online casinos they promote. These hubs employ the latest SSL-encryption security trends, keeping your personal and financial information completely safe. Of course, you always need to do your part in preventing data breaches that occur as a consequence of human error in 90% of cases. Back in the time, cheaters faced much easier obstacles on route to stealing money from casinos from all over the globe. Nonetheless, the development of modern technology has done miracles for casino owners who now have bountiful reasons to feel much safer when entering the business. You will be surprised by the range of security options provided by ingenious technology.

We will cover the basic casino surveillance & security technology you will scarcely notice when arriving on the floor. 

License Plate Recognition 

The casino employers can easily find everything about you even before you show up at the doors. This is thanks to a License Plate Recognition System. The camera catches every single car entering the casino premises. Optical sensors then convert the letters and numbers of your license plates into text and boom – you are in the database before you’ve even reached the casino floor. If they connect any kind of offense of gambling addiction to your license plates, the casino security will not let you set foot inside. 

Biometric Face Recognition 

If you were lucky enough to reach the doors, you will need to be prepared to have your face fully scanned the second you arrive at the place. Most casinos still rely on their personnel to manage such checks, but the latest technology advancements gave birth to biometric face recognition. Smart biometric systems will instantly take a snapshot of your face and analyze it in the database. By the way, if you want to play more private, you can just select a site on America Gambles.

Chips Containing Microchips 

The casino currency (chips) is worthless in the real world, outside of the premises of the brick-and-mortar establishment. However, its appeal is massive because anyone can exchange these little tokens for real money at the casino cashier. This is why many fraudsters tend to make fake chips and benefit from the pastime. Sadly, for them, the casinos have installed microchips inside the chips. This simple action prevents everyone from exchanging fake chips. 


Even if scammers somehow get past all of the aforementioned obstacles, they will be completely powerless at the tables. This is courtesy of TableEye21, a modern system that combines several technologies into one. The result is extraordinary as the surveillance agents get all the information you can possibly think of. 

The overhead video camera closely follows the action at the table. It overlays the video feed with real-time data of the chips wagered and cards dealt as it utilizes a blend of the information from RFID chips and video-analyses program. The casino representatives thus have all trend reports from the number of dealer rounds per hour to the player win percentage.  Besides following card counting masters, this ingenious technology prevents anyone to work in cahoots with the dealer. 

We can only expect stricter and more advanced casino surveillance & security technology in the years to come, meaning you should really think twice before attempting a non-legal action at these money-making establishments.  



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