Portrait of mature businessman in protective mask standing with arms crossed and looking at camera working at IT office
Portrait of mature businessman in protective mask standing with arms crossed and looking at camera working at IT office

How Delphix Helps Businesses Improve

Delphix, a cloud-based service that automatically detects and replicates failures in an application, gives users the ability to easily fix problems before they affect business operations.

When you ask around, most people can tell you about some big-name companies that have used cloud computing services—but only a few know why and how those services have helped them succeed. Delphix is one of the fastest growing cloud-based application management solutions. Its open source, easy to use platform is built for developers, service providers, and ISVs.

They provide an automated service to manage IT infrastructure, allowing organizations to quickly detect and correct problems and get back to doing what they do best: running their business. How do they achieve this? Read on.

1. Improve Performance: Delphix can reduce DB costs up to 80%

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is performance. Businesses that are running their business on a single database server, with a single database instance, with a single data store, and a single code base are at a tremendous disadvantage. They are forced to make tradeoffs: They choose the data store based on its cost-efficiency and performance, they choose the application and database on which it’s deployed based on price and supportability, and they choose the code base because it’s the one they were given.

2. Reduce Risks: No hardware issues

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “No matter what happens, you can always buy another computer.” Well, Delphix isn’t your typical computer. If a hard drive or other device goes bad, you can buy a new one or replace the faulty one with a replica. The cloud-based backup service also allows you to recover files even if your main device has been damaged or destroyed. And you get to keep any documents you’ve saved on your backup computer.

3. Scale Capacity: Automatically scale to meet demand

For many companies, the ability to add or remove resources rapidly is a huge competitive advantage. In the case of Delphix, adding resources rapidly was essential to its strategy. By moving from a traditional batch-processing system to a fully real-time processing model, Delphix was able to respond quickly to surges in demand for its software.

4. Grow Revenue: Boost customer conversion rates by 50% or more

There are a lot of things a business can do to increase their bottom line and profits. But increasing your customer conversion rate is one of the most important things you can do to increase your revenues and profitability. Your customer’s experience of your brand is incredibly important to your bottom line.

5. Make IT Easy: Get your IT department off your back and let them focus on what they do best

As a small business owner, you’re already busy. If you’re also responsible for running your IT department, you’re not only busy, but it’s hard to keep all the moving parts in order. That’s where Delphix comes in. It’s a platform designed specifically to streamline and improve the management of business IT systems. With a focus on simplicity, reliability, and security, Delphix allows you to efficiently administer servers, workstations, and mobile devices in a way that makes you and your employees more productive.

In conclusion, “Delphix’s approach to cloud management is to automate everything that can be automated, so that IT can spend its time on what’s really important.” Delphix is the easiest and most affordable option available for automating the full lifecycle of SaaS apps. They help make your life easier and make your company more successful.