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How KillerLaunch is helping freshers kickstart their careers amid the pandemic

Takeaway: KillerLaunch, a leading job & internship search portal, is helping freshers, who have just graduated from college amid the pandemic, find excellent employment opportunities to kick start their career.  


Our country is going through a rough phase, economically, socially, and politically. While there are government organizations working towards the nation’s individual goals, there is one company that is helping build the nation’s economy by providing freshers who have just graduated from college amid the pandemic, with the right job opportunities to kick start their career.  


KillerLaunch, a leading job and internship search platform, has been focussed on providing freshers with the right job and internship opportunities, given that the pandemic had resulted in a high downfall in employment. At KillerLaunch, you as a fresher can find amazing job and internship opportunities, to help give your career a killer launch. 

Work from home jobs

For multiple students and freshers, graduating from their colleges this year, finding the right opportunities to accelerate their careers has been a big task with the rising unemployment in the country. KillerLaunch allows freshers and students to find their first job or internship, giving their career the kickstart it deserved. 


Freshers Jobs & Internships in one click

KillerLaunch has been focused on providing the right freshers jobs and internships opportunities, from different fields and industries like media, PR, sales, marketing, etc. With the help of its precise and smooth layout, its users will be able to use their services more efficiently. 


KillerLaunch is amongst the few job sites that provide its users with both job and internship opportunities, giving a wholesome online recruitment experience. The platform has sections dedicated to internship and job opportunities, which the user can easily select according to his/her employment preferences in a click.


Freshers are college students who have either just graduated or graduated some time back and held zero to some experience professionally. Usually, freshers rely on their college placement cells for jobs, but due to the pandemic, they have been struggling to find the right career opportunities.


KillerLaunch aims at helping freshers find their best suitable job/internship, according to their personal preferences, as easily and conveniently as possible. 


Easy and Convenient to use

KillerLaunch is an extremely convenient and easy to use website that can be used by job seekers to find the right job or internship on the platform. The platform lists jobs and internships from thousands of verified companies hailing from different industry backgrounds. It allows you to use its filters to refine the results according to your personal preferences.


The platform provides a wholesome recruitment experience to its users, which is why users can search, apply, & communicate with the employer via the platform from anywhere. All the communication that takes place between an employer and a fresher looking for jobs happens on the platform itself via its personalized messenger. 

Work From Home

KillerLaunch takes extra efforts to ensure all the users on its platform have a great experience, which is why it is ensured that all the companies listed on the platform are verified. Additionally, the platform also has its own in-built Resume Builder that allows you, as a fresher, to create your perfect resume within just a few minutes. Resume acts as an essential element of recruitment. It marks as the first impression for the recruiter, based on which you are shortlisted for the coming rounds.


Therefore, a resume needs to be concise, neat and organized to clearly portray your qualities and skills to the user. KillerLaunch’s Resume Builder allows you to build one just under 5 minutes. 


Find excellent work from home jobs and internships, as well, for freshers on the leading job and internship portal of India and give your career the killer launch it deserves. Don’t let the pandemic sabotage your dream career, join KillerLaunch, and take your first step to build your dream career now. 



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