How Maddie Machado Found Fulfilment After getting fired from Microsoft.

The experiences of Maddie Machado, a recruiter at Meta, have recently come to light and are causing quite a stir. Maddie began her career at a staffing agency and was offered a great opportunity at Meta in September of 2021. The onboarding process was fantastic, and she was moved to a team with all new employees. The first three months were focused on learning the lay of the land, company culture, products, and how to speak with Android developers. However, when it was time to start recruiting talent, she discovered that there was limited talent available, and those who were available didn’t want to work for Facebook.


Despite being paid a salary of $135,000 per year and working 35 hours a week, there wasn’t enough work to keep Maddie busy. Talking to three to five candidates a week was a challenge, and most of the time, she couldn’t even reach that goal. Feeling unfulfilled, Maddie began posting on TikTok after seeing “a day in the life” videos. She posted a video talking about her benefits package, and people began asking recruitment questions.


However, things took a turn when Meta’s legal team reached out to Maddie after seeing her Instagram Story. She had no privacy while working at Meta, and she felt violated and scared. Her boss convinced her to take a few days to think before leaving the company.


Ultimately, Maddie left Meta and started her own reverse recruiting business called Career Finesse. She offers career coaching and helps people, especially women and women of color, make more money. She currently employs seven people and is enjoying what she does. When her TikTok video about being fired by Meta went viral, many assumed she lost out on $200,000 a year just to post on social media. However, her purpose now is to help individuals make more money, just like she did.


This story highlights the importance of employee fulfillment and how it affects their productivity. Even though Maddie was paid a high salary, she felt unfulfilled and had little to do at work. Additionally. It raises concerns about privacy in the workplace and how companies monitor their employees’ social media use. However, Maddie’s experience at Meta ultimately led her to start her own business and help others in similar situations.


In conclusion, the experiences of Maddie Machado at Meta shed light on important issues in the workplace, such as employee fulfillment, privacy, and entrepreneurship. It also shows that sometimes leaving a well-paying job can lead to greater opportunities and personal fulfillment.