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How marketing automation can lead business to boost sales

In this era of marketing automation, there is hardly any business which is yet untouched with the magic of automation. Marketing automation software is one of the most sought after marketing tools of the contemporary times which can prove very resourceful if used rationally. 

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation software is a kind of software which is employed for tedious tasks to obtain impressive results. It is also used to generate leads across an array of platforms like- social media, emails and so on.

If you’re looking to skyrocket your sales graph then here are some interesting tips to take your marketing automation game a notch higher and make the most of it.

Find your potential buyers via Lead Scoring:-

Lead scoring involves adding or subtracting points from a lead by tracking their actions. It usually takes behavioral data which includes the browsing history of the lead, subscriptions to newsletters, email readings, attending webinars, and similar stuff.

This behavioral data along with other demographic information is used to gauge if the lead can be a potential consumer. Applying lead scoring technique reduces the sales cycle as the sales rep targets a potential consumer and following-up with the leads it is no more a guesswork.

Lead Segmentation:-

Lead segmentation can help you to target serious buyers and even potential buyers. Lead segmentation involves segmenting the profiles of the consumers according to their buying capacity via marketing automation software. Segmentation can help the manufacturer find the best and frequent buyers.

Lead segmentation not only helps in converting the leads into sales but can also aid in reaching out to more potential leads and track the area of interest.

Nurturing leads for effective sales:-

Nurturing leads is one of the most effective ways to convert leads into sales. Sending timed emails or newsletters is one of the best ways of nurturing the leads and helps them to select your own brand. This can be done easily with the help of any marketing automation software. Providing targeted content to the selected leads sustains the lead’s interest and brings them back. This also helps to stay in touch with prospective clients and track their preferences. 

Nurturing the leads can give new leads as well. When leads receive targeted content they usually share it in their circles or pass the word by mouth or refer your content, which actually open gates for the newer leads.

Customize your brand experience:-

Connect with your customers by giving them a personalized or a customized brand experience making them feel “valuable”. The best way to connect with the leads is sending automated emails, which are designed by tracking their purchase history, interests and other demographic data. 

Automated emails can be one of the best uses of marketing automation; these emails impart the virtual 1:1 experience which is highly desired by the contemporary buyers. If used effectively it minimizes the human communication while sustaining the leads. 

Personalize the website:-

Marketing automation can add “face value” to your website. Website is the face of your brand in the virtual world. Clients come across your brand via your website. Website experience is your brand interaction with the customers. Personalizing the website or just the landing pages can impress the searcher and also improve the overall customer experience. Collecting and utilizing the customer data like – age, profession, and gender can help to provide a personalized website experience which can be very useful in converting leads into sales or attract more potential leads and website traffic.

Tracking the leads across various platforms:-

Marketing automation software helps you to track your leads across various platforms and gives a crystal clear picture of their choices and needs. Tracking the leads on various platforms like social media, website and webinars helps to discover the kind of content the lead is looking for. 

Utilizing this data can help you to select the content and messages you’d like to email them and sustain the leads.

Time savers:-

Marketing automation has saved people a lot of time which was spent in repetitive tasks- like collecting data, lead identification, tracking progress. In fact, according to the stats automated marketing tools have saved as much as 6 hours a week.

Marketing automation software has reduced the sales cycle and has established personalized customer experience without much human interaction. 


Marketing automation has not only reduced the sales cycle and saved time but have helped to run business at budgets which has helped the startups and rookies to survive and eventually flourish. 

Most of the startups have been using marketing automation tools extensively to convert leads into sales as they usually offer “niche” products and have selective buyers. 

We can conclude that marketing automation software has not only helped in boosting sales but have helped the “niche” markets to grow bigger than ever before.



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