How Online Casinos Use Technology to Increase Players Security

For both real and online casinos, safety is always a priority. This is the reason for most of the innovations that casinos are equipping their sites with. Find out more about the technologies they use to choose the most reliable online casino for your game for real money or check out other articles on that will be useful for gamblers from India.

Here you will learn how casinos use modern technology to ensure the safety and comfort of their players. Every gambler today can be convinced of the honesty of the site by clicking on several links. It makes it much easier to choose where to place your bets.

What Security Technologies are Used in Casinos

Online gambling is a rapidly growing and extremely competitive industry, which also means that it is often the target of cyberattacks. Therefore, casinos that want to have an impeccable reputation and be among the best place great emphasis on protecting the personal data of their customers and their payments as much as possible. Most often, casinos use the following technologies to protect:

  • Blockchain;
  • Encryption;
  • Optical Character Recognition.

Blockchain casinos are often referred to as crypto casinos. This technology allows you to anonymously record the actions of players and the results of all games, control financial transactions, and at the same time, all recorded data cannot be changed. Crypto casinos use smart contracts to operate, which provide better security for all processes. The use of this technology guarantees not only fair play but also the security of all processes.

Also, one cannot fail to mention cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology. Increasingly, progressive online casinos can see the ability to make online transactions in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. These payments are completely anonymous and safer than regular bank transfers. Cryptocurrency is not yet very common in Indian casinos, but you can use digital wallets instead, which also provide reliable payments.

Another well-known security method is encryption. The most common is SSL (abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer). It is often used not only in online casinos but on the entire Internet. SSL is used to encrypt data during transmission and prevents third parties from stealing sensitive information. Online casinos using this encryption method have an SSL certificate. It is mandatory for website security. You can check its availability at the casino in the following way:

  1. Open any page of the site and click on the lock icon in the address bar.
  2. If the SSL connection is successfully verified, you will see the «Connection is secure» message.
  3. You can also view additional information by clicking on the Certificate button.

Another method is 128 and 256-bit AES encryption (abbreviated from Advanced Encryption Standard). This encryption method is used not only by some casinos but also by many universities and financial institutions. This method is ideal for encrypting data for storage.

If you have played Live casino, most likely you got a lot of vivid impressions. However, there are tons of intricate details behind these luxurious games. Live casino is not only expensive and difficult to sell. It also has to use a lot of modern technologies that will provide the best gaming experience and the maximum level of gamblers’ safety. One of these technologies is OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR records important details of the game room (for example, the suit and meaning of the cards, their shuffling) and instantly transfers them to the player.

Also, some casinos use Cloudflare. This service provides sites with protection against DDoS attacks, providing additional security for players.

Additional safe play technologies

If you are at least a little familiar with the gambling sphere, then you probably have heard about the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is used in slots. With the help of a built-in algorithm, the generator determines the result of the game, and its presence guarantees fair and fair play for gamblers.

Additional user authentication can be used to improve security on sites. These can be different ways, for example, when entering your account, in addition to your login and password, you may be required to enter a code that will be sent to your mobile phone in a message. Or you will need to write code that is randomly generated in the Google Authenticator app.

Some casinos use Nora 2.0 technology to improve security. It is security software that has been designed specifically for online casinos. It works through self-learning algorithms and is designed to detect any threat. For example, Nora 2.0 successfully repels DDoS attacks and can prevent and eliminate malware that can reveal player passwords or other sensitive information.

Fast and Easy License Check

If you are looking for a reliable real money casino, be sure to look for a license. To claim it, every casino must prove its fairness, as well as maintain a responsible gambling policy. It is very difficult to get permission to accept real money, therefore casinos value their reputation very much and try to meet all the requirements. If they have an active license, then you can be fully confident that you will receive fair playing conditions. There are several reliable licensing establishments. The most famous of them are in Malta, Curacao, Canada, and Britain.

Previously, it was difficult to verify its existence, the availability of a license was difficult. But the development of technology has made it possible to create publicly available open databases in which you can find out for sure whether a particular institution has permission to run a gambling business.

Another way to protect yourself is to choose casinos that partner with eCOGRA. This is a London-based agency that has taken on the role of controller and intermediary between online casinos and players. It can help in resolving disputable situations if the site administration refuses to acknowledge the correctness of the player. The company also conducts independent software tests regularly to ensure that the game is fair.


The best online casinos with impeccable reputations put players’ personal and financial information first. The safety level is one of the most important indicators that both beginners and experienced players pay attention to. The duty of the casino is not only to entertain its customers but also to ensure reliable protection of their data. Some technologies such as RNG, SSL and AES encryption, OCR have become integral elements of online casinos for a long time. Other technologies, such as blockchain or unique security software, are only gaining popularity.

If you are looking for a reliable casino, be sure to choose sites with an SSL certificate and a valid license. Also, for your part, you can increase security in one more way: always create strong passwords to log into your account and connect additional authentication if the casino offers such an opportunity. And don’t forget to change passwords regularly and don’t share them with anyone. After all, even the most reliable technologies will not protect the player if he gives out his data himself.