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How to accept WhatsApp’s new policy manually

You must have heard that several people who use WhatsApp are starting to see a strange pop-up notification on their phones when using the application. The app is implementing some changes in its privacy policy, which will permit WhatsApp to share more data with Facebook, its parent company. However, many quickly dismissed the notification. But now, the same people are wondering: how do we accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy if we have either skipped it or clicked on ‘Not Now?’

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that question. The app is still in the process of trying out different methods to convince its users to accept the new privacy policy. However, some options continue to exist.

The new deadline for accepting the policy was 15 May. Since it has passed, we need to think about our relationship with both WhatsApp and Facebook.

Source: https://www.91mobiles.com/hub/whatsapp-privacy-policy-update-may-15-what-you-need-to-know/

As of now, there is no way to accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy manually. Currently, WhatsApp has chosen to inform its users by using a pop-up. While this aforementioned notification usually appears once you open the app, not that it may appear at any given moment. Thus, it seems like there might be no specific rule about when and how this pop-up notification is displayed on your screen.

That being said, WhatsApp will start showing the pop-up in a more aggressive way. Unless you accept the new terms, certain features – such as sending and receiving messages and making audio and video calls – will not be accessible.

If you have tapped on ‘Not Now’ when shown the notification for WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, that means you have not accepted those new terms just yet. Therefore, you are still using WhatsApp based on the currently active privacy policy, which has been changed.

However, you should not that WhatsApp has thought of a rather aggressive method to force you to accept its new terms. Once you refuse to accept the new privacy policy, you will start seeing a notification that reads “permanent reminder” to change your decision. Certain features will start to deactivate, and ultimately, you will be permanently locked out of your account.

WhatsApp did announce that it will not actually delete your account. But this is a possibility since accounts are automatically deleted if any activity is not detected for 120 consecutive days.

Unless you accept the new policy, you can lose access to your WhatsApp account. Since some of the essential features of the app will become inaccessible, you will be forced to abandon your account.

If you do not want to agree to the new privacy policy, the company itself suggests that you delete your account. To do this, go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account. It is important to note that all your data will vanish from WhatsApp’s servers. This includes your undelivered messages, as well.



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