How to add friends on animal crossing

So you’re really glad for the island you’ve made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, and need to impart it to the world … or if nothing else a few companions. Carrying individuals to your island is somewhat precarious from the start (this is a Nintendo web-based game all things considered), but when you get its hang, it’ll be a breeze.

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Simply an update: If you’re interfacing with different players on the web, you’ll require a Nintendo Online Subscription.



Beginning on Day 2, go to the Dodo Airlines air terminal and converse with Orville, the bird behind the counter. Select the choice “I need guests.”

From here you’ll be inquired as to whether you need guests for neighbourhood or online play. Select internet-based play.

Then, Orville will ask you who you need to welcome.

On the off chance that you’re now Nintendo Switch companions with somebody who is likewise playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can open your door to your companions just, and they’ll have the option to come. For Nintendo Switch companions, select “Every one of my companions!”

On the off chance that you’re welcoming individuals who aren’t on your Nintendo Switch companions list, select “Welcome through Dodo Code.” He’ll ask you who you need to welcome using the code. Select “more is always better!”

You can relax: You will not get overwhelmed with individuals except if you share the code via online entertainment or something to that effect.

Orville will affirm that you need a public code. Select “Definitely, welcome anybody.”

The entryway will currently open and Orville will give you your transitory five-character Dodo Code.

When a person enters your home by using the DODO code, we have to increase our bond with them which will be done by good communication and greetings. So, here we have some best animal crossing greeting ideas that you can use to make a good bonding with them.


Anybody you share this code can join your town. They will not have the option to, express, cut down the entirety of your trees, however, be cautious with who you share it.

Your companions can now utilize your Dodo Code by going to the Airport in their town and saying that they need to visit an internet based town. There’s a compelling reason need to effectively welcome them, and you can keep playing as ordinary until they appear.



Whenever somebody has been to your town no less than once, ensure you add them as a Nintendo Switch companion (if they aren’t now). To do this, go to your Profile page on the Switch home screen (your player symbol at the upper left) and select “Add Friend.” Then select “Quest for Users You Played With.” Whoever’s on the first spot on the list ought to be your recently welcomed amigo.

When they are Nintendo Switch companions, welcoming them in the future turns out to be a lot more straightforward. The following time they enter your town or you enter theirs, pull open your Nook Phone, and take a gander at the new application called Best Friends List. There’s a page called Friends that will show you everybody you’ve as of late played with. From that point, you can choose a name and send them a welcome to turn out to be Best Friends.

When they acknowledge your Best Friend’s welcome, you’ll have the option to utilize the in-game console to message them at whatever point they’re on the web. This will make setting up multiplayer meetings a lot simpler.

At the point when you have an enormous rundown of Best Friends, you can have Orville welcome them all in a group, which is helpful – and simpler than managing a lot of Dodo Codes.

Note: Be cautious about who you pick as your Best Friends. Any Best Friends will have full admittance to wreck shop in your town, chopping down trees, and swiping anything they desire. Making that web rando a Best Friend? Most likely just plain dumb.

Adjustment: This post has been refreshed on how you can welcome companions to your island utilizing the Nintendo Switch companions list.