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How To Add Special Effects To Your Instagram Messages?

How To Add Special Effects To Your Instagram Messages in simple easy steps- 

Instagram is the current boss of all social media apps out there. According to a study, there were about 293 million Instagram users ranging from the age of 18-24 alone across the globe. This app sure does have a lot to offer. From Reels with feels to stories on Instagram, there is almost nothing it doesn’t support.

If it doesn’t give you instant special effects and features- it’s not Instagram! Instagram is so fancy with all its hot updates and features. Talking about a special one now, your Instagram Messages can be chic and saying a lot of things if you learn how to add special effects to your Instagram Messages.

Learn how to send messages on Instagram with special effects.


Here’s how to How to Add Special Effects To Your Instagram Messages-

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To start with the procedure you must make sure that the first step you will have to do is to activate Facebook Messenger Integration. It allows you to bring a range of new messaging options along with the feasibility to send messages to your Facebook friends only from your Instagram DM. Also, make sure that your Instagram is updated to its latest version.

Follow these steps next- 

  1.  Head straight to launch your Instagram app without a wait. When Instagram opens in your iOS or Android Phone, navigate to the messages, i.e, the DM list. You can do so by tapping on the DM icon present at the top right section of your device’s screen.
  2.  Open the chat of the person you wish to send an Instagram Message with special effects. You can search for the person by typing the username in the search box option visible on the top center part of the screen.
  3. When the name appears, tap on the name to go to the chat window.
  4. Next, When you type your message in the text box you will notice that the camera icon which would appear earlier will be replaced by a magnifying glass icon after you type the text. When you are done typing the message, tap on the magnifying glass option.
  5. When you will do the above-mentioned, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Above all the options in the menu, there will be four different special effects visible which you can use to send messages.
  6. You can choose any effect you like to send a message.

One thing you might want to note is that these special effects are interactive. This implies that the special effect will come to play only when the receiver taps on it. For example, if you decide to send your message with the heart effect, it will play heart balloons floating on the screen. Another instance is, when you send your message with a gift box special effect, the message will only open when the receiver taps to unbox it.

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