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How to Password Protect a PDF?

Password Protect a PDF in easy steps

It may happen to you sometimes that you may need to share a PDF file with someone but your PDF contains really confidential or sensitive information. This information could include tax information, your financial data, Social Security information, and other data which needs to be protected. It might come to you naturally that such information must be protected and not be risked to sent to everyone, especially the pryers. In such cases, password protecting a PDF could be a great savior. When you protect your PDF file with a password, only users who have the access to passwords will be able to view the file.

Now generally people close their eyes and incorporate their data with Word documents to share it around. However, we must mention that using a PDF is an ideal choice if you need to share your data around. To talk about it further, whoever shares PDF files around is well aware of the name of Adobe Reader. At times when you have the full Adobe Acrobat program, you can easily password protect your PDF. However, one must note that the free version of Adobe Reader does not give the feature of password protection.

You might as well purchase the full Adobe Acrobat program but it can turn out to be a little pricey. There are also some third-party workarounds with which you can enable a password on your PDF files.

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Secure your PDF with PDFEncrypt

Like we mentioned before, it a free service that can replace Adobe Acrobat since it comes with an easy-to-use tool with which you can slap a password on your PDF file. When you head on to the PDFEncrypt, its interface pops up asking you which file do you need to password protect. All you have to do is choose the file and then type your password, finish it by hitting the Encrypt option.


Protect your PDF file with PDF24 Creator

You can also use PDF24 Creator to password protect your PDF file for free. PDF24 Creator comes with a wide range of tools like edit, merge, split, convert, compress, protect, and unlock a PDF. If you wish to encrypt a file from the main toolbox screen, select the Protect PDF button and you’ll be good to go. All you will have to do is choose a file and drag-select it to create a password and protect the PDF file.



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