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How to Attach Mi Smart Band With a Smartphone: Understand These Steps

Mi Smart Band will help you see all your wellness subtleties on your phone when matched and linked appropriately. Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band offers similarities for both Android and iOS gadgets.

More current Mi Smart Band versions — Mi Smart Band 4, Mi Smart Band 5, and Mi Smart Band 6 — additionally include an AMOLED touchscreen for simple admittance to your health and wellness results.

All you need is to maintain to wear the Mi Smart Band on your wrist and empower Bluetooth on your phone to continue to get ongoing information. When matched with your phone, Mi Smart Band likewise allows you to get message alarms and approaching call notices.

You can moreover control a portion of your cell phone’s highlights including its music playback straightforwardly from the Mi Smart Band.

In this article, we are specifying the means you need to follow to connect Mi Smart Band to your phone. The wellness band can be associated with your Android cell phone or iPhone using the Mi Fit application.

Step by step instructions to connect Mi Smart Band with your telephone

  1. Before starting with the means you should attach Mi Smart Band to your phone, note that you need to keep Bluetooth enabled on your phone to remotely contract information with Mi Smart Band.
  2. Sign in to your current Mi Fit record. On the other hand, you can make another record on Mi Fit by tapping the Create a record currently button on the application.
  3. When done, you’ll see a screen on the Mi Fit application that will request that you select the gadget you need to combine. Tap Band there. You need to bring your Mi Smart Band nearer to your telephone for matching.
  4. Directly, the Mi Fit application will request that you confirm the pair device on your Mi Smart Band.
  5. Tap the tick mark symbol on your Mi Smart Band to confirm its matching.

When Mi Smart Band is connected with your phone, you’ll need to permit the notification way from your phone’s setting to get continuous attention on your wrist. You can likewise go to the Mi Fit application’s settings menu to enable or undermine highlights, for example, requesting call warnings and inactive cautions.



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