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Connecting with people is a crucial thing nowadays. You have various platforms where you can connect & experience the world that you wish to live. Social media has given immense liberty to associate yourself with the people that are termed as popular public figures.

But; today its not about social media it’s about social swag.The application social swag has received funds. The details with respect to same are as below.



Social Swag is an online marketplace that focuses on connecting with your influencers. The idea of this application was launched by the two popular stars Akshay Kumar & Rana Daggubati in the month of December 2020.

It is by far the first app that is known as the influencer led online marketplace. The app has been made live in February this year. It basically helps the common people out there to connect with celebrities, influencers, bloggers & some inspirational figures by providing a common platform to learning & education.

It collaborates the sync in the learning & entertainment by enabling interactions in the form of live chats, virtual selfies and many more.


The actors too had their take on the application. Akshay Kumar said that “I have seen so many opportunities in the digital domain this year and I believe being able to connect with fans through this platform with some of our products like my Masterclass or a Virtual Selfie will give not only me but all my peers an additional opportunity to closely connect with fans in these changing times.”


Rana Daggubati also had a take stating that “This is a very fast-growing space and I’m super excited to be partnering with Akshay sir. We will bring the best of sport, entertainment, and vocational opportunities to this platform and look to make it the best in class. Our launch with our first few products will be in the first quarter of next year and the team is working towards making the fan experience a unique one for the global Indian audience.”



The application after getting launch was in the news due to the fact that it has successfully raised an amount of $ 1 million in its seed funding round. A lot of family offices participated in the process like Credence Family Office which has association with several high net worth offices in the country.

Indians have craze about entertainment. They try to look into ways to connect & associate with them. Therefore this application gets more support in terms of audience. The initiative is also taken by two mega stars which makes it even huge.

They sensed the potential that social media has; therefore they entered into such an arrangement which would help them to achieve two objectives of connecting with fans & providing the basic learning at the same time.






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