How To Avoid Fake Transparent Images On Google Images

Know How To Avoid Fake Transparent Images On Google Images in simple easy steps- 

We’re all familiar with the pain we get when we search for transparent images and end up getting the fake ones. That is not it, first one goes through the entire pain of downloading or saving the image only to find that the background of it is checkered and solid. Fortunately enough, we know a simple little workaround which will help you to avoid this situation and get you the image you so need.

Not many know this useful trick, so allow us to introduce you to it. Now for when you need a transparent image you can distinct it by looking out for an illustration which has a gray and white checkered pattern. What you will know with this process is that you will be able to figure out the parts of the images that are transparent before you save it.


Here is how to How To Avoid Fake Transparent Images On Google Images

 Avoid Fake Transparent Images On Google Images


  1. Open any browser you want and head straight to the google search engine.
  2.  Search on the Google the kind of transparent image that you need.
  3. When the search result appear, click on the options of ‘Images’ to show you the Image results.
  4.  When the Image section of the results appear, you have to click on the option of ‘Tools’. You will be able to find it on the upper right section of your screen besides the option of settings and also below the search bar.
  5.  When you will click on the option of ‘Tools’ a drop down menu  will appear with five options.
  6. From all the options choose the option of ‘Color’.
  7.  Another list of choices will appear from which you will have to choose ‘Transparent’.

That’s it, that is how you get the Google Images which are actually transparent and not the fake one’s.