Clash of clans

How to beat magic challenge clash of clans

The most recent Conflict of Factions update delivered the new Municipal center 15 difficulties. The difficulties have the TH15 Enchantment Topic. You can do this test in two ways – in the simple or hard mode called the Enchanted Test and Awe-inspiring Wizardry Challenge separately.

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Fundamentally, they likewise have similar mechanics. You need to clear the base, nonetheless, you will get less soldiers however more safeguards in playing the Legendary Enchantment Challenge. In any case, the thrilling part regardless of having less soldiers, you will get to encounter the new skins of the legends Savage Ruler and Bowman Sovereign.

Assuming you find it excessively hard to get 3 stars in these Municipal center difficulties, you can in any case retry these for limitless time. Notwithstanding, there is a technique that you can use to get 3 stars in this occasion without any problem. Despite the fact that these two have various troubles, you can utilize this methodology for both.

The most effective method to 3-Star the Enchanted Difficulties in Conflict of Factions

The main thing you need to do is set your Stupendous Superintendent in Ground Mode and set up the review and imperceptibility spells.

For the main assault, drop every one of your Titans with the Toxophilite in the middle of between the two hellfire towers. Utilize the imperceptibility spell here.
While they continue to battle, utilize the subsequent imperceptibility spell on them to make it simpler for the Sovereign to go after the Municipal center.

When the soldiers become noticeable, utilize the review spell on them. Presently, to break the north of the base, utilize one wall breaker with the Brute Ruler, and the Amazing Superintendent. Utilize your review spell to redeploy troops prior.
While your soldiers are battling, send the Wizard and a Wall Breaker in the Military Camp. At the point when the Wizard Pinnacle has fallen, utilize the Skeleton Spell to divert the stone monument.

On the right-hand side, utilize a Skeleton spell as an interruption, then, at that point, convey the Illustrious Boss and use Bat Spells.

Then, utilize the Fight Drill on the lower left half of the base. You can simply leave it there and it will polish it off.
Right now, you should simply for your legends and troops to clear the entire base and win 3 stars in this Municipal center 15 Wizardry Challenge.