How to Beat Small Stakes Online Poker Cash Games?

Online cash games of poker carry their own audience in India. They are available for unlimited stakes and players can join any table any time of the day, play unlimited sessions, make quick money and call it a day. They almost seem like an easy transition for freerollers to kick-start their real money run. 

However, as fun and easy this cycle of online cash games may seem like, your experience may stoop low if you aren’t well prepared with the arms and weapons you need to outwit your opponents and claim their money as your own. 

So, for an error free start, it would be wise to check in on some relevant strategies and nourish certain qualities that will come in handy to rules the felts and become a pro in the cash game zone.

Cash Game Weaponry: Smart Play Strategies

Online poker cash games could be equally challenging and for beginners, it’s hard to devise any specific kind of strategies especially in the small stakes poker zone. The reason being, online cash games witnesses pros and amateurs alike, and as such the style of play becomes unstable and unpredictable leading to recurring losses during most times. 

We say you take a look at these strategies to apply against all kind of players and rearrange your gameplay accordingly.


  • Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet


Unlike tournaments, online cash games of poker are slower and demand much more patience than even your average freeroll.  New players often turn impatient when they are not winning in cash games. 

Remember, cash games of poker are not time bound and as such, you too shouldn’t be in a hurry to make quick money. Make patience your number 1 thumb rule if you wish to really profit from online poker cash games. Being aggressive on the cash tables in small stakes poker could have devastating losses. So, the takeaway here is to take time to settle in the game first, observe the table and figure out the gameplay of players and strategize accordingly.


  • Exploit the Limpers


When you sit and take time to strategize, you tend to figure out the weak and loose players on the tables. So, when you get the right cards, value bet to the max to juice out maximum value from the loose-aggressive kinds. Loose players are often calling/limping stations who like to call no matter how much you bet or raise and tend to go bonkers even with bottom pairs or medium strength hands. 

Be patient even when you haven’t hit anything for a while and value bet like crazy when the cards are on your side. Remember, don’t apply this strategy against the smarter dudes.


  • Pre-flop raises/ All-in- full blown traps!


A trend exclusive to small stakes poker cash games is to see poker players raising pre flop hands like crazy and even going all in with medium pairs. Play only better hands and avoid pre flop big raises at all costs if you don’t wish to get your money sucked just in case someone gets lucky with a slightly better flop than you.

Pre-flop raises might only work when you have top pairs and are up against fewer opponents on the table in which case they are most likely to fold or match just to see the flop. The results? Unpredictable! No poker player wants that. 


  • No Fishing in Troubled Waters


Here we are specifically talking about staying away from big wild raises. Wild raising almost never works well in small stakes online poker cash games. More than often, loose aggressive players like to make such raises to blindly intimidate their opponents and steal their money without having to oil their brains at all. 

These are clearly troubled waters and you don’t wish to go fishing there and lose it all when you worked so diligently to make some profit all this while. Remember, it only takes one bad move to wreck it all! The takeaway tip: fold no matter what.

Remember, these are very important rules that one must follow to have a smooth run in online poker cash games. Use these skills to the best of your abilities and soon, all the ongoing friction shall fade away.

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  • 50LAC Cash Bonanza (1st-20th June)


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The Leaderboards feature on all game variants of different table stakes in online cash games.

Leaderboards Category Table Stakes Prizes
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  • TDS Carnival (Till 1st July)


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So, this time around, online cash games of poker are all the rage in India’s most trending poker towns. Use your new found poker skills today to book yourself a ride and get gaming right away.