Expert Strategies for Players Transitioning to Online Cash Poker Games

The lockdown seems to offer the perfect amount of space and time to online gamers to dive deeper and level up their game. This blog is dedicated to each online poker player looking to transition from free games to cash games of online poker but lacking proper strategy.

We shall discuss a few worthwhile poker cash game strategies that shall help you see remarkable changes in your game and prepare you to become a more equipped player and play head on with the pros and steal some good old money. 

Excited, are we? Let’s begin.

Online Poker Cash Games Tips

Online poker cash games are a fair notch up against your regular freerolls. They can be a lot tougher than they seem as they witness a lot of variance due to the participation of both pros and amateurs. So, you need to sail through amidst a large mix of player pool executing multiple strategies and might have to adjust your game according to your opponent’s game. 

So, bottle up these following tips to play them with your best foot forward.

  1. Play Tight and Aggressive

This is one of the most common strategies adopted by most poker pros both in tournaments and online poker cash games and often bodes well in most situations. The key here is to play maximum starting hands that can be a mix of both premium and medium strength hands in the beginning to gain a stack lead so that you can ease in and gain control of your opponents. 

Playing tight and aggressive often sends the signal to your opponents that you are a serious player with no bluffs and tells to give and are strictly in for the money.

  1. Find the Right Table

Finding the right table is a standalone strategy that transitioning players must be good at. Always find a table that has worse players than you so that you can profit as much as you can. If you think it’s full of regulars and you are losing more money than you entered with in the first place, leave the table immediately and find another.

Table selection is key where the only way to make profit in online poker cash games for transitioning players is to figure out the fish so that you can widen your profit margins. 

  1. Choose the Appropriate Stakes

This is another key part of your table selection. Online poker cash game tables are usually plenty in number and are divided according to the table stakes. As a transitioning player, start off with a table with the lowest stakes and when you see your gaming graph go up steadily, move up in stakes to win more money. 

Remember, each penny saved is a penny earned, so do not pick any expensive table in order to hurry off to win more money than you can afford to lose!

  1. Play According to Your Bankroll

Bankroll management might be a new term for new online poker cash game players but this is exactly where your first money management lessons start. Online poker cash games is not simply about making immediate profit and spending it without any future plans. 

If you want a long run in online poker and maybe plan to play tournaments in future and make a running career in online poker, managing your bankroll will benefit you enormously in the long run.

So, to begin with, set aside an amount dedicated to playing online poker even if it’s just a 1000 bucks. Your sole aim from now on is to add more zeroes to that number without spending an extra dime but solely through your skills. Remember, having a comfortable bankroll allows you to perform better on the felts with no risk, no pressure. 

  1. Mind the Variance

When you move up in stakes, variance will become more common and that often results in crazy swings in cash games of online poker. So, when managing your bankroll from scratch, keep aside a minimum amount to cater to those swings to ensure you never go broke! 

Having a proper bankroll also helps you play more solid poker so that can continue with your aggression when needed without an ounce of fear of losing more money.

These are some solid tips that can enhance your online poker cash games in surprising ways and turn you into a more confident player in lesser span of time. 

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