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With some of the most mesmerizing offers and rewards at Adda52Rummy, online rummy has become more than just a game of fun and entertainment. The lower service charges(rakes), rewarding big tables and higher savings on big winnings with Adda Chips are some of the top reasons why you should choose Adda52Rummy. It has consistently proven to be the ultimate platform for all rummy enthusiasts. Therefore, there is no doubt that newcomers will enjoy the scintillating game of online rummy at Adda52Rummy.


Let’s check out some of the best offers and benefits offered by Adda52Rummy:

Win More with Lower Rakes

When you play rummy at Adda52Rummy, there are up to 50% lower deductions on your winnings due to low rakes. Every rummy site cuts a service charge on the cash deposit which is termed as ‘Rake.’ Higher rakes can adversely affect your winnings. However, Adda52Rummy is offering up to 50% lower rakes with bigger winnings & no deductions. The biggest goal of a rummy player is to maximise their winnings. With lower rakes, you can reduce chances of high deductions thereby making your winnings bigger. This will definitely enhance your experience of playing online rummy games and you can focus on winning the game. It is always more rewarding to play rummy at lower rakes.


Big Tables, Bigger Winnings

High-Value Tables are the ultimate battleground to showcase your best rummy skills and take away some of the biggest winnings. It is a great way to maximise your winnings as high-value tables have high cash pools, so winnings are of a much greater value as compared to playing cash games at regular tables. When you play rummy at Big tables of Adda52Rummy, you get a chance to unlock bigger winnings with your skills. High-value tables are the quickest way to maximise your winnings and you can win some of the biggest cash prizes in just a few sessions of rummy. Adda52Rummy is the leading online rummy portal where you can play rummy at big tables at lower rakes. You can also enhance your skill-set by playing at big tables against some of the most seasoned rummy players.

Save Big with Adda Chips

Another rewarding offer to put an end to all your worries about deductions, play with Adda Chips at and save more on your winnings. So now every time you win, you don’t have to worry about the deductions as there will be only a one-time deduction which will take place when you choose to withdraw your winnings. Play with Adda chips and enjoy bigger savings. 


Instant Cash with Welcome Offer  

One thing that makes Adda52Rummy stand out is the reward & bonus which is given as free cash for gameplay. Moreover, their prize to participation ratio is one of the best in the entire industry. All you need to do is sign-up with your details, deposit a min. of ₹1500 and use code XTREME750 to unlock the Instant Bonus and Locked Bonus. Enjoy up to ₹10,750 on your first deposit including ₹250 Instant Bonus with a Free Tournament Ticket worth ₹500 & up to ₹10000 Loyalty Bonus. Step into the exciting world of online rummy at Adda52Rummy to unlock more amazing offers and rewards. 

About the Company owned by Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd. was launched in 2012 and it is India’s most trusted rummy site with more than 10 million registered players. Adda52Rummy has established itself as one of the top market leaders in online rummy games by providing a world-class gaming experience. Visit the website for more details at