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How To Beat Tanta Prav in Forspoken
A guide on Beating the Tanta Prav in Forspoken

“Forspoken” is an action-packed video game that revolves around the kingdom of Tantas, who are the rulers of the world. The main character, Frey, is tasked with defeating Tanta Sila, one of the four Tantas in the game. Sila is considered to be a challenging boss and requires players to use all their skills to defeat her. The battle against Sila is divided into three stages, each requiring different strategies and skills to defeat.

Credits – Forspoken WiKi Fandom

Stage One tips:

In the first stage, Sila throws Frey into a huge water orb where numerous enemies attack her. The first wave of enemies consists of Prav’s archers, Unjust Enforcers, and Syntheras, which can be tough to manage because they attack in great numbers. Players can use area-of-effect spells to take out as many enemies as possible. The second wave consists of two Pitiless Arbiters, which deal decent damage and can heal themselves and others. Players should avoid taking damage by using parkour and attack the glowing Pitiless Arbiter with their most critical spells to gain the upper hand.

Stage two strategies:

In the second stage, Tanta Prav herself joins the fight, making it even more challenging. Players must use the lock-on feature to ensure that their attacks hit Prav and cause damage. Since she’s flying most of the time, Sila’s Magic won’t work, so players should stick to Frey’s Magic and use long-ranged attacks. To avoid icicles and frozen ground, players should use the Zip Spell right away to get off the ground.To avoid water beams, players should parkour around them. Once Prav’s HP bar is depleted, she becomes enraged and turns the room upside down, causing players to fight in a watery area. In this stage, Prav manipulates gravity and uses strong attacks to stagger players and inflict heavy damage. To avoid her attacks, players should swim out of the water and climb any round platform, attacking Prav with ranged spells while using the lock-on feature.

Stage three tips:

In the final stage, Prav imprisons Frey in a water orb and players must destroy small water balls coming their way. Once the orb is destroyed, players should swim out of the water immediately to avoid a fatal attack from Prav. Prav’s final fatal blow creates massive icicles on the walls behind each platform, which can cause heavy damage and stagger players. To avoid this attack, players should jump into the water and get out immediately once the attack is done. Once Tanta Prav is defeated, Frey will gain crucial information about her past and will unlock the Tanta of Justice’s Spell Tree. Players will also gain the ability to move quickly on any water surface by surfing.

In conclusion, beating Tanta Sila in “Forspoken” requires players to use a combination of their skills, including parkour, spells, and magic. Each stage requires different strategies and players must be prepared to adapt to changing conditions in the battle. The battle is challenging, but once Prav is defeated, players will gain new spells, level up, and unlock important information about Frey’s past.