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How To Beat Tanta Sila in Forspoken
A guide on Beating the Tanta Sila in Forspoken

Forspoken is an action-packed role-playing game that has captured the hearts of many players. The game has its challenges, but one of the most significant obstacles players face is beating Tanta Sila. Tanta Sila is one of the four rulers of the kingdom in Forspoken, and defeating her is a crucial aspect of the game. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to beat Tanta Sila in Forspoken.

Credits – PCinvasion

Stage One:

The first stage of the battle with Tanta Sila is relatively easier compared to the second stage. In this stage, Sila is in her human form, and she will only be using ranged attacks such as fireballs and a melee attack. To avoid the ranged attacks, players can hide behind pillars and wait for the melee attack. Players can also use Frey’s parkour-like ability to dodge Sila’s attacks.

Stage Two:

Once players have successfully dodged the first stage, it’s time to break Tanta Sila’s armor mask. Breaking the armor will enrage Sila and make her shift to her wilder form. In this form, Sila summons her Champions of Praenost and shields herself behind them. This makes her a tougher battle opponent as she is able to manifest more mana into her previous attacks.

To defeat the Errant Soldiers, players can use Frey’s Prime spell. The spell will knock the unarmored soldiers to the ground, and players can attack them easily. After losing her shield, Sila is more vulnerable to Frey’s attacks and can be defeated easily with the right equipment.

However, it’s important to remember that Sila’s soldiers are a nuisance, and they come in large numbers. It’s better to get rid of them before focusing on Sila. Dropping Sila’s HP will make her angrier, and she will fuel her powers. This will refill her health bar, and she will blast off huge fireballs, summon a flood of flames, and use flame marks. To avoid these attacks, players should dodge them using parkour and focus on dealing damage to drop Sila’s HP to half.

Stage Three:

One of the deadliest attacks in the third stage is when the whole ground starts to erupt in flames. To avoid this attack, players should try using parkour to climb the broken pillars lying around until the ground returns to its normal state. Dropping Tanta Sila’s HP to half will break her composure, and she will be sent to her knees, making her vulnerable to a killer blow.

The killer blow is represented by a hand and a dagger icon, and it’s the most effective way to damage Sila. Not only will it cause massive damage, but it may also restore Frey’s HP. To execute the killer blow, players need to focus on exploiting Cuff’s capabilities to deal devastating damage.

In conclusion, defeating Tanta Sila in Forspoken can be a challenging task, but with the right strategy and equipment, it’s possible. Players need to dodge Sila’s attacks in the first stage and break her armor mask in the second stage. After losing her shield, Sila is more vulnerable to Frey’s attacks, and players can defeat her by exploiting Cuff’s capabilities to deal devastating damage.

In Forspoken, players will face various obstacles and challenges, but defeating Tanta Sila is one of the most significant. By following this guide, players can overcome this challenge and continue their journey in the kingdom of Forspoken.