How to block airtel sim

Have you lost your Airtel SIM or your cell phone with the Airtel SIM inside?

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Assuming you are thinking about how to block airtel sim, you’re perfectly positioned. Here we will set out every one of the means important to hinder an Airtel SIM and get another SIM.
In the event of a lost or taken SIM, there’s just a single technique to hinder the SIM, which is to call up the client care number.

How to impede Airtel SIM by calling from Airtel number?

As per the authority site of the telco, clients can call an assigned number to get their Airtel SIM obstructed.
1. Keep as of late dialled numbers, last re-energize worth, and address or ID evidence related with the lost SIM convenient
2. Call 1800-103-4444 (free) and select option 2.
3. You’ll be approached to check the subtleties referenced previously
4. Once checked, your Airtel SIM will be hindered

How to obstruct airtel SIM by calling from a non-Airtel number?

If you don’t approach an Airtel number, you can in any case impede your lost Airtel SIM. You can follow the beneath ventures from a non-Airtel number.
1. Open the dialer on your cell phone
2. Press call on 1800-103-4444 (free).
3. You’ll be approached to check as of late dialled numbers, last re-energize worth, and address or ID verification
4. Verify the above subtleties available to work
5. Your lost Airtel SIM will currently be deactivated
Remember, these strategies are material for both Airtel paid ahead of time and postpaid numbers. Whenever you have impeded the number, you can select to open or unblock the SIM — on the off chance that it’s found — by following similar advances.

How can I acquire a new Airtel SIM card with a comparable mobile number?

You can undoubtedly get another SIM given to you with a similar number whenever you have hindered the lost SIM. This is the way you can do as such.
1. Go to the Airtel Store finder on the authority site
2. Enter your city name or region Pincode to find the closest Airtel Store to you
3. Visit the closest Airtel store with your ID verification and two visa size photographs
4. Fill out the necessary structure, complete ID check, and pay the new SIM charge (Rs 25 – Rs 100)
5. Insert the SIM in your telephone and dial 59059 to actuate the SIM
6. Verify subtleties like location, date of birth and the sky is the limit from there