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How to block emails on Gmail?

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Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers in the world, offered by Google as you all know it. Everyone is having a Gmail account these days and I am sure you have come across this situation where you are receiving hundreds if not thousands of spam/unwanted emails every month, every week and every day. There also must come a point where your Gmail storage is full, and you have to manually delete spam and unwanted emails from your mailbox to make space for the new important mails. It is one of the most irritating experiences anyone could have ever but to avoid all of that in the future, I unsubscribe from emails that I do not wish to receive in the future.

If you come across a marketing email that sends you promotional offers and marketing gigs every now and then and you do not wish to receive any more emails from this sender, you can simply block the sender and you will not receive any email from then on. All the emails that you will receive from this sender will go directly to your Spam folder in the mailbox.

How to block emails on Gmail?

  1. Open Gmail > Open the email message.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the message page.
  3. Click on Block sender.

You can unblock anybody by using the exact same steps.

Easy right? This is how you can block emails on Gmail. However, this is a manual effort and if you don’t wish to block the sender of the emails, you can simply unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Here’s how you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails:

  1. Open Gmail on your PC.
  2. Open an email that you want to unsubscribe from.
  3. Click on the sender’s name and there you should see the option to Unsubscribe.
  4. Click on Unsubscribe and you are good to go!

This is how you can unsubscribe from any promotional email senders, brands, companies, new offers and all sorts of unwanted stuff.

Who wouldn’t want to not unsubscribe or block a recurring email sender that is completed unwanted? You can also report the message to Gmail, in cases where you think that the contents of the email are not appropriate.

If someone, for instances is using Gmail to intimidate, threaten or harass you, they are definitely violating Gmail’s policies and you can report that sender to Gmail right away.