How to build a mansion in Minecraft

This guide will show you how to build a mansion step by step and also share some creative building ideas and tips along the way.


Starting out 

  1. You will need to find a terraform or an area of land where you want to build your mansion on.
  2. Next, plan the layout of your build by setting a foundation. For example, you can have the main part of the building in the middle, as well as an extension on each side.


  1. For the walls, use white terra-cotta and grey concrete for the sides of the windows.
  2. Make sure that you leave spaces for the windows and the main entrance while adding the walls.
  3. The main part of the building will contain two floors, and the sides will only have one floor.


  1. For the roof, use polished black stone brick stairs and quartz stairs. The blackstone stairs will be the main roof, and the quartz stairs will be used as a frame.


  1. Fill in the spaces that you left for the windows using your choice of glass.
  2. To spice up the build, add some windows on the roofs.


  1. For the floor inside the mansion, use cyan terracotta to add a nice contrast against the walls.

Interior details 

Now that the exterior of the build is complete, you can move on to the interior.

  1. Start by sectioning the mansion into rooms.
  2. Next, add stairs that go to the second floor.
  3. Starting with the kitchen, build some counters along the wall by using quartz.
  4. You can create a functioning fridge by placing a barrel and an iron block on top of it. Then, add an iron door and a button.
  5. You can use a cauldron for a sink, and you can add functional selves using barrels and trapdoors.
  6. Moving on to the bedroom, you can make a closet by placing trapdoors on the sides with armour stands inside. Add barrels for extra storage.
  7. You can create a bookshelf by using stairs and slabs with actual bookshelves behind them to give an illusion of a more 3D bookshelf.
  8. The next step is the living room. You can build a sofa using wool and slabs, and you can add a fireplace using campfires. You can create lamps using an end rod with a zombie or skeleton head on top of it.
  9. If you wish, you can also add a dining room inside your mansion.

Exterior details 

  1. For the exterior, add an archway for the entrance.
  2. Also, add some windowsills under the windows with flowers to add more detail to the build.
  3. To finish off the mansion, add a fountain, some plants, and paths.