How To Call A Person That Blocked Your Number
How to call a person that blocked your number can be accessed below.

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android
Image: Business Insider

In case it becomes necessary, it is possible to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number. You will find below the steps to Call Someone Who has Blocked your Number using the call blocking feature on iPhone or an Android phone.

Call From Another Number

The simplest option to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Phone Number is to borrow a phone from another person and make a call to the person who has blocked your number.

Because the new number that you’re calling from shouldn’t be blocked, the particular person on the other end will receive your call and is probably reply to your call.

It will permit you to convey the necessary message to the other individual or clear the misunderstanding (if any) between you and the other individual.

Hide Caller ID and Make A Call

If you do not like the idea of calling from another Phone Number, you can hide your Caller ID on your smartphone and make a call to the person that has blocked your number.

When you Call using Hidden Caller ID, your Contact’s iPhone or Android Phone won’t be able to detect your Phone Number and your Call will go through.

Once you get in touch with the other party, you will be able to convey your message or inform the other person of your number being blocked.

The steps to Hide Caller ID depend on the type of smartphone that you are using.

In the case of an iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Show My caller ID > switch OFF Show My Caller ID option.

Download an app that gives you a random phone number.

If you have a smartphone, simply download one of the various free apps that will assign you a randomly generated phone number. You can use this number for texting and calling within the app – and you may be able to use it to call people that don’t use the app. This is generally a reliable method of calling a person that’s blocked your number.

If you would like to get random phone numbers to call and text, try out Phoner the random phone number generator app. The random phone numbers you create on Phoner will work for calling, texting, sending SMS, and even MMS.

Phoner lets you create random real phone numbers that you can instantly use. You can also check online for another free app for random phone numbers.

One advantage of this method is that the area code is also randomly generated. Thus, the person will not suspect where the call is coming from.