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How to cancel subscriptions on Amazon

While Amazon is most known for selling tangible goods, consumers may also use their Amazon accounts to sign up for streaming services, periodicals, apps, and other subscriptions.

This is useful for swiftly creating new accounts, but it also means that if you want to cancel a subscription, you’ll have to do it through Amazon.

Here’s how to cancel any Amazon subscriptions you’ve made.

You will not be charged for a membership if you cancel it, but you will lose all of the perks that came with it.

This tutorial will teach you how to cancel subscriptions on Amazon’s website. In the mobile app, touch the three lines in the bottom-right, then “Your Account,” then “Memberships & Subscriptions,” to get to the page stated below.

  • After you’ve logged into Amazon on your computer, hover your cursor over the “Account & Lists” option in the upper-right corner to show a drop-down menu.
  • Tap “Memberships & Subscriptions.”
  • You’ll see all of your active Amazon subscriptions on the next page. Begin the cancelling procedure by selecting “Manage subscription” from the drop-down menu to the right of the app you want to cancel.
  • To turn off payments and cancel your membership, click the toggle next to the Auto-Renew option.
  • You won’t be able to turn off Auto-Renew on this page for certain settings; instead, you’ll need to travel to another Amazon Memberships page. If this is the case, click the linked link to cancel the subscription.

There is also a faster way to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

Cancelling your Amazon Prime subscription is simple and only takes a few steps. Prime members get a slew of perks from Amazon. There are no minimum order requirements for free standard deliveries, and they include free one-day and two-day deliveries, early access to regular sale events and Lighting Deals, and no early access to regular sale events and Lighting Deals. Customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime also have access to the company’s other services. Amazon Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Reading are among them. For certain addresses, Amazon now provides Prime members same-day delivery.

If you opt to cancel your Amazon subscription in India, it will continue for the amount of time you’ve already paid — for example, if you paid for an annual membership, it will continue until the conclusion of the one-year term from the day you signed up. Similarly, if you chose a quarterly membership, it will last until the conclusion of the three-month period after the day you signed up. As a result, cancelling a subscription just prevents it from renewing on its own. Customers can, however, contact Amazon’s customer service team through its app or website to request an immediate cancellation of their Prime subscription, forfeiting the remainder of their membership period.

  • Select “Prime Membership” instead of “Memberships & Subscriptions” from the “Account & Lists” drop-down menu. This will immediately take you to your Prime dashboard.
  • Select “End Membership” from the drop-down menu by clicking the little arrow in the top-right Membership box. Then, on all the screens that asks you to rethink, click “Cancel My Benefits.”




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