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How To Change Font On Instagram

The need of every Instagram account holder is that he should maintain his Instagram in a good way so that he can stand out from the rest of the other people.

If you want to put different types of fonts inside Instagram whether it is for your Instagram post or to send a message to someone, here’s how you could do it.

But in Instagram, only nine different fonts are available for the Instagram stories and only sans serif font available for your Instagram profile. 

So the question must be coming to your mind: what is the solution for this?

Well in this article you will discover how to change the font in your Instagram bio with this quick and easy trick.

How To Change Fonts On Instagram Post Using Online Font Changer

You will need Text Popo’s font changer to change fonts. You can use text popo both on the phone or desktop.

We have given some steps which will help you to know how to use the Text Popo font changer.

Let’s look at those steps:

STEP1: Enter The Text

Visit the online font changer by Text Popo and type the text you want to use. It will automatically generate cool and stylish fonts for Instagram you can choose which you like.

STEP2: Choose Your Font

You can choose the font which you like most among many of the hundreds of fonts.

STEP3: Copy The Font

To copy the font which you like the most click on the copy button and the text you have entered will be copied automatically.

STEP4: Paste your Copied Font Into Instagram

Now open your Instagram and login into your account and paste the copy font in the Instagram bio, story, or even in the comment box then click to post.
(Look at the picture below)

Step 1:

Step 2:Step 3:


We hope by reading this article, you clearly understand how you can apply beautiful fonts on Instagram using Font Changer. If you got useful information from our article then please also share it with your friends and family members.

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