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How to change Siri’s voice

Siri is a voice assistant that uses voice inquiries, gesture-based control, focus-tracking, and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make suggestions, and conduct activities by delegating requests to a number of Internet services. The programme adjusts to the users’ specific language usages, searches, and preferences over time as they use it. This article will walk you through the steps of changing Siri’s voice.

How to Change Siri’s Voice in 3 Easy Steps

  • Go to Siri & Search in Settings.
  • Select your desired accent by tapping on Siri Voice.
  • Finally, you must determine whether you like a male or female voice.

Rather than adjusting your accent, go to Siri Voice options and select Language. This will give you a wide range of voices to choose from. Altering one’s language, rather than changing one’s gender or accent, has a bigger influence. You won’t be able to utilise “Hey, Siri” for a long if you switch to another language. That’s only a short-term problem; all you have to do now is retrain Siri to respond to your “Hey, Siri” command.

  • Whether you’re driving, have your hands full, or are just on the run, Siri can make calls or send texts for you.
  • It can even read out your messages to you through your AirPods.
  • Set timers, alarms, and reminders.
  • Take a look at your calendar.
  • Siri can even anticipate what you might need based on your schedule to help you get through your day.
  • You can now access applications even faster with Siri Shortcuts.
  • Play one of your favourite albums.
  • Check facts, do computations, or translate a word into an other language quickly.
  • The Siri watch face provides you with events, suggestions, and other information just when you need it.
  • Siri’s features are tailored to each device, ensuring that consumers receive the most appropriate help.
  • Siri can look up images of your kids, call an Ola, or search through a huge number of files to locate what you’re looking for.
  • Users may ask Siri to recommend a new music to them.
  • You may even answer questions about your favourite bands.



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