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How to Complete A Friend in Deed Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy
All you need to know to Complete "A Friend in Deed" Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing video game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, where players can explore the iconic Hogwarts castle and its surroundings, cast spells, and complete various quests and tasks. One of the side quests in the game is called “A Friend in Deed,” a task players can undertake to help Sirona Ryan recover a box of old letters that she has lost.

Credits – Hogwarts Legacy

Prerequisites to “A Friend in Deed” Side Quest:

Before starting this quest, players should ensure they have reached level 15 and completed the “Helm of Urtkot Main Quest.” Once you meet these requirements, you can start the quest by speaking to Sirona Ryan in The Three Broomsticks. She will send you to speak to her friend, Dot, who is located in Upper Hogsfield.

Objective-wise Guide: 

Dorothy Sprottle, also known as Dot, will ask you to bring her some Horklumps. In exchange, she will reveal to you that the letters are located in the same place as the Horklumps. If you do not have the Horklumps in your inventory, you can purchase them from a store.

The next step is to enter the cavern and gather Sirona’s letters and the letterbox. The cavern contains a series of tunnels and small rooms, most of which have Horklumps and chests. Players should be prepared to face some obstacles along the way, such as Horklumps and other creatures.

At the end of the cavern, players will face a giant mountain troll. This troll can be either defeated for XP or sneaked past. Players who decide to defeat the troll should be careful, as the troll is quite powerful and can cause significant damage. After defeating or sneaking past the troll, players must crawl under the wall behind them and collect all of Sirona Ryan’s items on their way to the cavern’s exit.

After collecting all the items, players must return to Hogsmeade and give the box of letters to Sirona Ryan. She will be grateful and reward you with 180 XP and a Conjuration Spellcraft for completing the side quest.

Conjuration spellcraft is a helpful spell for summoning objects and creatures. It is a valuable spell to have in your arsenal, as it can be used in combat situations or to solve puzzles. The 180 XP reward will also help players level up and become stronger in the game.

In conclusion, completing the “A Friend in Deed” side quest in Hogwarts Legacy is a great way to help a friend in need and earn valuable rewards and experience points. Players should ensure they are at least level 15 and have completed “The Helm of Urtkot Main Quest” before attempting this side quest. With patience and determination, players can successfully complete this quest and be one step closer to becoming powerful wizards.