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How to Complete Deadpool’s Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns
Tips and Strategies to Complete Deadpool's Challenge Mission in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Deadpool is a character loved by many in the Marvel universe and is known for his snarky humor, quick wit, and tendency to break the fourth wall. In the latest installment of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Deadpool has a Legendary Challenge mission that requires players to complete a puzzle-like task in order to unlock the Burning Sensation ability. The goal of the mission is to eliminate seven Whispers enemy mobs with the use of only four cards.

You’ll need to unlock Deadpool first then, to start the mission, you must first max out Deadpool’s Friendship Level. This is done by gifting him the best items and hanging out with him. Once you reach level 5, you can access the mission through the Forge/Armory.

The key to successfully completing the mission is to use the right skills in the right order. Here are the steps you need to take to eliminate all seven Whispers:

  1. Spread the Love – Target 1A and 1B. You’ll receive another Spread the Love card.

  2. Death From Above – Use this card to kill 1B. You’ll receive a Pain Piñata card.

  3. Pain Piñata – Use this card on the #2 group of enemies to hit them.

  4. Spread the Love – One of the enemies that you just blew up should have 5 HP left. Target that enemy, as well as #3 (which also has 5 HP).

  5. Death From Above – There should be one mob that has 17 HP remaining. Kill it with this card.

  6. Mag Dump – Cast this on the lone Whisper.

Once all the regular enemies are dead, you’ll receive the Burning Sensation Legendary Card for Deadpool. Use it on the final target and destroy it to complete the mission.

The Burning Sensation ability is a decent single-target DPS ability, with a low Heroism cost. When upgraded, it provides a slight increase in damage, causes Exhaust, and doubles the damage per En Fuego stack. This means that the more En Fuego stacks you have, the more damage you will do with the ability.

To maximize the benefits of the Burning Sensation ability, it’s important to upgrade it as much as possible. This can be done by using it in battle and increasing your En Fuego stacks. Additionally, you can use Deadpool’s other abilities to increase his En Fuego stacks, such as the Pain Piñata or Mag Dump.

Another important aspect to consider when completing the Deadpool Fourth Wall Legendary Challenge is timing. You need to be quick and precise when using your cards, as the enemies will keep attacking you. It’s important to prioritize the enemies with the most HP and eliminate them first, in order to prevent them from causing too much damage to your team.

In conclusion, the Deadpool Fourth Wall Legendary Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a fun and challenging mission that requires strategy, timing, and quick reflexes. With the right combination of skills and upgrades, you can easily complete the mission and unlock the Burning Sensation ability. Whether you’re a fan of Deadpool or just love a good puzzle-like challenge, this mission is definitely worth trying out. So gear up, get ready, and show the Whispers who’s boss!