How to convert sim from postpaid to prepaid online

Postpaid and prepaid associations have interesting advantages. As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the transformation from a postpaid association with paid ahead of time as well as the other way around is free, and the clients don’t need to change their current portable number for something similar.

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The most effective method to Convert Postpaid to Prepaid: Airtel

Changing from Airtel postpaid to Airtel paid ahead of time is a piece of cake task. You should simply visit the closest Airtel store. The telco has a solid presence in India. It offers a wide scope of postpaid and prepaid administrations to its information burning-through and calling endorsers.

Before visiting the closest Airtel store, make sure to convey confirmation archives concerning your personality and address verification. Airtel has likewise presented another OTP cycle facilitating the mind-boggling advances.

Postpaid clients can follow the beneath basic strides to change from Airtel postpaid to prepaid supporter:

  • The initial step is to visit the closest Airtel Store.
  • Then, share all the essential personality and address verification records with the leader.
  • Presently you should fill in the postpaid to prepaid movement structure and afterwards submit it to the leader.
  • Guarantee that all your forthcoming duty are cleared.
  • The leader will raise a solicitation on the Airtel gateway to move your association from postpaid to paid ahead of time.
  • Whenever this is done, you will then, at that point, get an OTP on your enrolled Airtel number. Present something very similar to the leader
  • Your check cycle currently stands total and you will get an SMS on your enrolled Airtel number that the postpaid to prepaid shift demand has been gotten.
  • The shift ought to roughly require two (2) hours to enact. Airtel clients should do an FRC re-energize at the actual store.

Step by step instructions to Convert Postpaid to Prepaid: Jio

Dependence Jio’s fast web association offers a faultless advanced encounter. If you wish to change your current Jio postpaid association over to paid ahead of time, then, at that point, we are here to assist you with understanding the simple interaction.

Convert Jio Postpaid Number to Prepaid – Visit Jio Website

Jio clients can likewise change their postpaid association over to paid ahead of time online through the Jio site. We suggest you peruse every one of the accessible prepaid plans and before doing the switch.

Stage 1: Visit the Jio site and feel free to pick the arrangement that best addresses your issues.

Stage 2: Now, you can share your current number and hang on until you get an OTP.

Stage 3: Once you get the OTP, confirm it right away.

Stage 4: Upon finishing the check, your Jio postpaid number will be changed over to a prepaid number.

The most effective method to Convert Postpaid to Prepaid: Vodafone Idea (Vi)

Vi (Vodafone Idea) offers postpaid and prepaid designs to its Indian clients. Changing from postpaid to paid ahead of time is a difficulty-free interaction. To start this porting, you should visit the closest Vi store and get a pristine sim card. However there is no charge for change, you should pay another SIM expense of Rs. 10.

The following is an itemized clarification of the porting system of Vi postpaid to paid ahead of time:

  • Launch the change cycle by visiting the closest Vi store.
  • Then, feel free to illuminate the chief that you wish to change to Vi paid ahead of time.
  • The chief will demand you to fill and present a postpaid to prepaid relocation structure.
  • Remember to clear the entirety of your exceptional bills before mentioning a new paid ahead of time SIM.
  • In the wake of clearing the levy, the chief will demand your character and address evidence reports. Guarantee that you convey an identification size photograph, Aadhaar Card, or other significant ID and address confirmation reports with you.
  • The chief will give a spic and span paid ahead of time sim after the finishing of the confirmation cycle and leeway, all things considered.
  • The transformation interaction should take around 60 mins. Post this, you should do the first re-energize at the actual store.
  • The organization will send the overabundance balance (assuming any) through a check to your location. Any sum under Rs. 500 will be acknowledged to your record as the discussion time balance.
  • The new Vi prepaid association should be enacted by calling 59059. Approaching and active SMS administrations will be idle for the following 24 hours of SIM enactment. In any case, information and calling administrations will start right away.