How to create an app | Top Tips for Coding Android Apps

In today’s digital world android devices are not basically ended in smartphones. They can be found even in the middle of your house, your car, or even on your wrist. While android active users have crossed over 2.5 billion 190 countries and so what are the top tips for creating an android app.

The android platform makes it simple for both users and developers to get started. An open-source technology that opens up new and exciting opportunities. 

The android mobile app developers have continuously been trying to seek out new and innovative ways to develop a better product for his or her customers. Numerous challenges appeared through the part which required to be addressed so the end customer is in a position to possess an excellent experience during the use of the app. 

All of the following steps are essentials for developing an android app. Let us get deep into it.

Programming language 

Having a good knowledge of the language you want to build your mobile app in is the first step. Python, Java, C++, Kotlin, etc. are some popular languages that are used for developing an android app. The best option in the first stage is to update yourself with market trends. You can see android application development in Australia to know more about new trends.

Learning new languages will also improve your development skills and make you ready to face new perspectives.

Consider that, businesses as well as developers, need each other and both of them are willing to prepare something that has the market for itself.

Open source world

You should read other developer’s clean code. This action might look just like reading books cause reading itself will not make you a programmer or writer, but you will get new ideas.

The same is for you, when you developed a usable code, and it worked smoothly, consider sharing it with others –I mean open source it- besides, try to engage with other’s codes. Fix some bugs and try to give a hand to the mobile development world.

Clean codes 

This might be a nightmare to work after a developer who does not pay enough attention to what codes he is writing. Especially the basic coding guidelines of android development.

However, writing a short code will shape the program consume less time, and easy to understand, some developers make a huge code. 

You should practice clean code patterns regularly to be a master of them, follow android architecture patterns to manage the complexity of the app.

Learn design

The purpose of this section is not to switch your career, but also to learn design which leads you to have a 360 degree look at the product you are developing.

Try to understand the principle of both UI and UX design to get better insights into what you are coding. It is also a good idea to take a look at 10 top web design companies.

You can also spend some time with design team members to get the most out of a successful app.

Never give up

Successful applications are built a long way, and they were all tested a lot of times. So it is super clear that you must learn from both other applications and your own mistakes. 

Get feedback, solve problems, and by the pass of time, you will understand the same mistakes that occurred while developing an android app.

Do not forget that consistency is the key. In the long run, only time will be proof of your hard work. So, try to visualize your goals and stick to your plan even when challenges come your way.

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