How to create and do e-signature

How would you sign Microsoft Word and PDF reports on the web? Here are the best two techniques for making electronic marks. You might have to sign a Word, PDF, or another kind of report, or you may need to make an online endorsement for some time later.

How to Create an Electronic Signature in Microsoft Word [2022 Overview]
Source: PandaDoc
Luckily, you have a few choices for settling these issues. In this video, we’ll go over our best two strategies for making marks.


Acrobat Reader by Adobe


The principal strategy is to utilize Adobe Acrobat Reader to make an online endorsement. It is at present the most broadly involved work area programming for marking PDF records. The most common way of making an online endorsement with Adobe Acrobat is direct, yet it is just appropriate for PDF reports.


1) Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader, or download it on the off chance that you don’t as of now have it, and afterwards open the PDF record you need to sign.


2) At the lower part of the page, there is a choice to finish up and sign your record.


Then, click on the sign symbol and select the ideal choice. You can add your mark or initials.

1) First, conclude whether you need to type, draw, or add a picture of your mark. Assuming you decide to type it, you can move your mark to any area in the record.

It’s a basic arrangement, yet it just works with PDFs.



Utilizing any of the accessible internet based programming to make marks and sign reports is the most straightforward and quickest way. We picked PandaDoc because it can sign any sort of report, including PDFs, and it works with a wide range of kinds of records.

  1. You should make a record.
  2. Then, make another record and transfer the document that should be agreed upon.
  3. Add a mark field where the mark is required.
  4. In the wake of choosing the field, you can now sign in by painting, composing, or transferring your mark.
  5. Whenever you have marked the archive, you can download it.


You currently have a marked record. Assuming you want to convey the report to somebody or get someone else to sign it, you can do so right inside PandaDoc. We use PandaDoc because it follows what happens to the archive after you’ve delivered it, so you’ll know when your report is open. You can add your mark to your profile with the goal that you can reuse it in any report.