How to make money with TikTok

“Money brings fame” that’s what we hear most of the time, isn’t it? But what if Fame brought money to your account. Yes! It is very much possible. If you are TikTok famous, then this is the right guide for you. You can monetise those videos of yours and earn from someone’s entertainment. But before that we need to know the various ways creators can earn through and also how much?

How to Make Money on TikTok: 7 Best Ways in 2022
Source: Oberlo


There are assorted number of ways to earn your wealth through TikTok.


Brand Association

They are one of them. Influencer marketing is a growing niche all over the world. Brands collaborate with various TikTokers to promote their brand and products to its ardent following. A TikToker with a huge flow of followers can certainly earn a load only through one brand dealership. Isn’t it crazy? The brand Associations can lead up to $80000 for established TikTokers.

TikTok Creator’s Fund TikTok Creator Fund is another way you can surely count up to make that cash flowing. However, the numbers are not that high. You can earn up to 2 to 4 cents with every 1000 views. If you calculate, you should be able to earn 20 to 40 dollars with 1000000 views.


Merchandise Market

Hardcore fans definitely want a souvenir or maybe they want to announce to world that you are their idol. Merchandise is one of the super products you can advertise on your account. May it be a bag, cap, hoodie or even a mug with your logo or a signature dialogue. Your ardent fan following can surely make you earn a good fortune out of these goodies featuring you and your identity.


PowerHouse Partnership

This is another way to earn cash. TikTok Creators who are established with a pretty good following can certainly look into the option to connect themselves with a power house. While choosing a powerhouse one must keep in mind that it is very important for you to find a powerhouse that has similar interests as yours.

If you are a United States resident, the method to reach out to such powerhouses is much more of an easy process. You just need to do is get yourself into TikTok Creators Marketplace. This is a one stop place for the Brands to collaborate and interact with various powerhouses on the deck. Conclusion Load the above mention steps and get start to grab that cash of your dreams