How to deactivate my Instagram account

Instagram may be great to keep up with your friends and other events happening around the world, but it might not suit everyone. So for them, here is a guide on how you can delete/deactivate your Instagram account. Before that though, it is important to note that when you delete your account, your photos, videos, profile, likes, followers, and comments are all also permanently deleted.

After your account has deleted, you can sign up again for a new account with the same username or associate it with a different account until that username is used by someone else who is new to Instagram.

Keep in mind that if your account is deleted for violating by Instagram itself for violating any designated community guidelines that you are supposed to follow, you cannot sign up again using the same username as before.

How to request the permanent deletion of your account

Prior to deleting an account, you may want to log in and download a copy of all the important information that is associated with your account since you will no longer have access to Instagram’s data download tools after your account is deleted.

Go to the Delete your account page from either mobile browser or computer. If you are not logged into Instagram on the web, you will be asked to log in as a first step. This is because you cannot delete your account from the Instagram mobile application.

You will be asked about your reason behind deleting your account. There will be a drop-down menu from which you have to select an option and type in your password again. The option to permanently delete your account will be available only if you choose a reason from the given menu. After this, tap on [username] Delete.