How to defend goals and defeat them: Pokémon Unite
Defend your goals and defeat your rivals in the all new Pokémon Unite

Pokemon Unite is an online multiplayer battle arena and free-to-play game. The game was developed by the TiMi studio group published by The Pokémon Company for Android and iOS, and by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. the game was unveiled as of 21 July 2021 for Nintendo Switch and will be released on 21 September 2021 for Android and iOS users.

Pokemon Unite consists of 2 teams with 5 players each, the game map is divided into 2 halves with multiple control points. The game is to defeat or catch wild AI Pokemon and move to a control point for a goal within a specific time. The team with the most points win the match.

How to defend goals in Pokemon Unite

  1. Attack Enemy Pokemon’s, hit the opponent with a basic attack which interrupts them from attempting to hit the goal.
  2. Super Jump Pads carry a pokemon from a goal post to another. You have other moves than just defend and tackle, jump to far distances to hit a goal.
  3. Ranged and Area moves, certain moves are effective on certain Pokemon, make sure to know which move works best. Ranged and are moves work best when defeating most. For instance, Garchomp can dig and burrow itself underground and surge from target points, attacking nearby enemy Pokemons. Cinderace can kick a pyro ball of fire to the targeted area to stop the enemy team from hitting a goal. Pikachu summons a thunderbolt to attack enemy Pokemon in an area.

  1. Heal Zones, Goalposts give shields and healing to allied Pokemon so make sure to use them to your benefit.
  2. Lane Flux, attacking enemies are slowed when in this area, go through this zone when you want to defend your goal to slow your enemies.
  3. Defeat Rotom gives benefits to the team which defeats it and making it easier to score points.
  4. Defeat Zapdos, although it appears at the last few minutes of the game they offer a lot of benefits to the defeating team. Defeating Zapdos makes the enemy’s goal vulnerable, making it a lot easier for you to score points and forces the enemy to defend their goal zones.

Defender Pokemon are hard to drive off as they are more durable and less prone to get affected by an attack. You might want to avoid them as they have shields and a lot of regeneration. The game is accessible to all online and definitely worth a try.