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How to digitise a COVID-19 vaccine card

Recently, millions of people have scheduled a slot for their COVID-19 vaccinations in just a few weeks. Following the shot, people will receive their COVID-19 vaccine cards to place in their medical records. In the near future, some employers will be likely to request any document that provides proof of vaccination as workers return to the office. Hence, for people who are prone to misplacing their belongings, creating a digital backup is strongly recommended.

Source: https://thewire.in/government/india-only-nation-to-use-covid-vaccination-certificate-to-push-cult-of-leader-ruling-party

To obtain a digital vaccine card, there are two options, with the first being a PDF. The Adobe Scan mobile application can be easily found on Google Play or on the Apple App Store. In order to begin the process, those who do not have an existing account will first need to create a user account. This only takes a few moments. The app includes options to capture images of forms, whiteboards, business cards, and other important documents.

After this, place the vaccine card on a plain, flat surface and angle your phone directly above the vaccine card. It is important for you to note that it will take some time for the app to recognise the vaccine card before it begins to capture the image.

After the image is captured by the app’s camera, you can rename the file and adjust the final layout of the photo. The app has tools to crop, resize, and rotate the image. There are also features to adjust the colour and even paint a border to surround the card.

Once you have made all of the edits according to your preferences, go to the top right corner, where a button will automatically save the photo as a PDF. People can also save the image as a JPEG file and share a copy or a link provided by the mobile app. If you want more security, there is an option to add a password to protect the PDF file.

You can also use Apple Notes to digitise your vaccination card. If you use an iPhone and are hesitant to download an entirely new app that is dedicated to a very specific purpose, you can simply use your existing Notes app to digitise vaccine cards. Open the Notes app on your mobile device and create a new note. Choose the camera from the list of icons that can be found at the bottom of the screen.

The app will ask you whether you would like to take a new photo, scan a document, or use an existing photo from your library. Tap on the “scan document” option. Follow the same instructions as you would when using the Adobe Scan app, and adjust the scan according to your preferences.



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