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How to download all photos and videos in Google Photos to your PC/Laptop.

Everyone is probably missing the old school photo album since google confirms hat they will no longer offer free unlimited storage for Google Photos. Now that we’re talking about it, you might as well also know that the company is also making a few of Google Photos features which will be a part of its paid subscription ‘Google One’.
Mark the date June 1, 2021 on your calenders since after that you will not have the facility to acess free unlimited high quality storage, where you could upload your photos and videos.

To save high quality photos and videos you will have two different ways to choose. One is that you accept their demand, buy the Google One Plan. However, if you don’t want to surrender, you can download all photos and videos in Google Photos to your PC/Laptop.

Google Photos
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Here is how to download all photos and videos in Google Photos to your PC/Laptop-

If you’ve been wondering how to proceed with this step, it all starts with Google tool called Google Takeout. Google takeout is a tool that lets users to download their data available in different Google Accounts.

Follow the following steps-

Download Google photos and videos on your laptop/pc
source- business insider
  1. You can head to Google Takeouts by opening ‘’ from any browser.
  2. Login into the Google Takeouts by using Google credentials.
  3. Click on the option ‘Deselect All’.
  4. When you scroll down, tick mark the checkbox which is present in front of the Google Photos option.
  5. Click on the ‘Multiple Formats’ option present under the Under the Google Photos option, to check in what formats the data will be exported.
  6. Users can later choose specific albums to export by clicking on ‘All photo album included’ option and selecting specific albums.
  7. After you haven chosen all your photos, scroll your way down to the bottom of the screen and tap on ‘Next’.
  8. When you are asked to choose a delivery method option, tap on ‘Send download link via Email’.
  9. When you recieve the frequency option,  you get two options, including export once, and export every two months for one year. You will also get a choice of chooseing between .zip files and .tgz files.
  10. When you are done with all the process, click on the ‘Create Export Button’.