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Solomon Islands preparing to ban Facebook itself!

The Solomon Island Government is tieing laces to ban Facebook. They claim this move is to to limit “abusive language” and “character assassination”. However, observers believe this venture is completely an action is an attempt to cut the roots of criticism of the government.


Whenever executed Solomon Islands would join China, Iran, and North Korea as prohibiting Facebook. Different nations have briefly obstructed it, including the island country of Nauru which restricted Facebook in 2015 however unblocked the accesss in 2018.

The Government itself utilizes Facebook generally to give out information. Especially around general wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic.Also, the Prime minister himself uses Facebook for National addresses.

In contrast to every bit of it, The Government’s excuse to ban Facebook is that the social networking site is  is leading to a deterioration in civic behaviour.

“Abusive language against minister, prime minister, character assassination, defamation … all these are issues of concern,” says  Agovaka, during a conversation with Solomon Times Newspaper.


Facebook has additionally been refered to as a factor in riots that grasped the capital, Honiara, in 2019. The online media stage was land with against government way of talking in the days after Sogavare’s political race and was utilized by agitators to put together and assemble.

Be that as it may, spectators state China has impacted the Government’s decision. Facebook has been, formally at any rate, restricted in China for over 10 years.




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