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How to download Instagram Reels

If you are using Instagram daily, you know that the Instagram Reels feature is one of the classiest and funniest in the application, right? Instagram Reels make it so easy to make dance videos, informative videos, comedy videos or anything for a 60 sec or less duration and add music and effects and upload it. 

Reels are also an efficient marketing technique because the Instagram algorithm gives more reach and traffic using reels rather than posts or IGTV. Its short duration is so helpful for users to just watch most necessary stuff.

 At a time when an individual’s attention span is so low, the Instagram reel is a perfect fit for the younger generation. 

So one fine day you are going through IG Reels and you come across a superb music reel. You are so in love with the reel that you want to download it, but do not find any specific option for that in the Instagram app. What will you do? 

We will help you with that. 

Mainly, you can download your favourite Instagram Reel using two techniques. Keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t have a built-in option to download Reel. So, these ways are to: – 

  1. Screen Record the Reel
  2. Download using a third-party application or software

Both have different procedures on iOS and Android. 

Screen Recording Reel in iOS – 

Open your settings on your iPhone and navigate to Control Centre. There you can add Screen Recording into the Controls screen (the one you get when you slide down your finger from the top right corner) which will make it easily accessible for you to use. 

Screen record option in iOS can be accessed from Control Screen
The screen record option in iOS can be accessed from Control Screen

Now you open the Instagram app and select the Reel you want to save. Side down the screen from the top and click on the screen record option. After recording, your high-quality screen recorded video will be available in your camera roll automatically, which you can trim according to your needs.

Using third-party apps on iOS

Recording the reel from the screen and trimming is a little too much task these days. So the other, easier option is to use third-party apps to download reels. It can be done in a jiffy with a good internet connection. The most popular options for downloading IG Reels on iOS are InstDown and InSaver.

We have seen how to download or record reels on iOS, now let’s see how to do it on Android Phones. 

Screen Recording on Android – 

Screen recording is so easy on android. Just open the Instagram app, select the reel you want to download, swipe down from the top of the screen and press screen recording and your device will do all the work. 

After recording, you can find your video in the Library section of the Gallery, where you can trim your video. 

Using third-party apps to download Instagram Reels on Android –

Just like iOS, you can use third-party applications on android to download reels, which will save your time and effort to trim each video. 

Few best options are 

  1. Reels Video Downloader for Instagram 
  2. AhaSave Video Downloader
  3. ETM Video Downloader

You just need to copy the link of the Reel video from the Instagram app, paste it into these apps and download it. 

BOOM!!! You have your favourite reel video saved in your gallery. 

On android phones you can use instagram downloading apps to download reels on your phone.

Hope you will find the article useful.