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How to Equip Mods in High on Life
A Guide to Installing Mods in High on Life

Equipping mods to Gatlians in the FPS game High on Life can greatly enhance the abilities and performance of your Gatlian guns. Mods are special items that you can attach to your sentient Gatlian guns to give them new abilities or boost their existing ones. There are many different mods available in the game, and each one has its own unique effect.

How to Unlock Mods in High on Life:

In order to equip mods you will need to have some mods unlocked, in order to do this you will need to find the mods either from Lugloxes hidden around the game or by purchasing the mods from the Pawn shop in the game with the game currency “pesos”. Once you have some mods, you can begin the process of equipping them to your Gatlians.Once you have collected some mods, you will need to decide which ones you want to equip to your Gatlian. There are many different mods available, each with its own unique effect. Some mods will add to your Gatlian’s abilities, while others will boost their existing damage or modify their trick hole. It is important to choose the right mods for your playstyle and the current situation.

How to equip or remove Mods:

Once you have chosen the mods you want to use, you can equip them to your Gatlian by going to the pause menu in the game. From here, you will see a list of menus, go to the mods menu where you will find a list of all the mods you have collected, along with their effects under your Gatlian’s name, each Gatlian has different mods that do different things. To equip a mod to your Gatlian, simply select the Gatlian you want to modify and under that select the Mod you want to equip. If you want to unequip a mod or  remove a mod you can select the “No Mods” option.

In addition to affecting the way the Gatlians perform some mods also change the appearance of certain Gatlians for example the Bounceflector mod in kenny changes his color from blue to purple.Overall, equipping mods on your Gatlians in High on Life is a simple process that can greatly improve their abilities and make them more powerful in battle. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily equip and upgrade mods to your Gatlians and give them the boost they need to emerge victorious especially in the later parts of the game as the boss fights get more challenging.