How to find hidden apps on iPhone

There are numerous options for hiding apps that are too humiliating or addicting to remain on the Home screen on your iPhone. You may put them in folders or move them to the App Library, for example. You may also decrease clutter by deactivating whole Home screen pages if you have iOS 14 or later installed.

Source – Business Insider

That’s alright. But what if you need to locate applications that you haven’t used in a while and can’t remember how to access? Fortunately, there are several techniques for rapidly locating hidden apps on the iPhone.

Make use of the iPhone’s search feature

iOS includes a built-in Search feature that allows you to quickly locate any installed app on your iPhone, even if it’s hidden in a folder or the App Library. Just swipe down on the Home screen to begin searching. After that, input the app’s name.

Simply hit the app icon at the top of the search results list to open it, or press Go on the keyboard.

Whether you still can’t find a hidden app on your iPhone this way, see if it’s blocked from appearing in search results. To accomplish so, we’ll use our iPhone’s Settings app. Then press and hold Siri & Search. Scroll down to find the hidden app, then press it to open it. If the switch next to Show in Search is disabled, turn it on on the following screen.

Unhide the Home Screen Pages

If you notice that your iPhone is missing a number of apps, it’s possible that you previously concealed a few Home screen pages. You can access such applications via Search, Siri, or the App Library, but you can also unhide the pages that include them.

To get into jiggle mode, long-press a blank area of the Home screen. Then tap the dot strip above the dock. You should see previews of all active and hidden Home screen pages on the next screen. Unhide the apps by enabling the pages that include them. Then, to save your changes, hit Done.

Look for Apps in the App Library

The App Library, which debuted in iOS 14, displays all of your iPhone’s installed apps. As a result, you may remove apps from Home screen pages without having to reinstall them. You can use Search or Siri to discover and access any app you’ve hidden this way, but you can also utilise the App Library to search and open them.

Swipe to the right of the last Home screen page to access the App Library. Then, to launch the hidden app, navigate to the appropriate category (Utilities, Social, Productivity & Finance, etc.). Alternatively, use the Search bar at the top of the App Library to quickly locate what you’re searching for.

If you wish to return to the Home screen with an app from the App Library, tap and hold the icon and drag it. You’ll be sent back to the Home screen instantly. Then, at the area where you want the app to appear, release it. You may also select Add to Home Screen by long-pressing the app icon.

Inquire/ask Siri

You can use Siri to open hidden apps on your iPhone just as simply as you’re using the iPhone’s Search feature. Use the Hey Siri voice command or press and hold the Side button to activate Siri. Then say Open [app name], and Siri should respond right away.

Look within the App Store

When compared to Search, Siri, or the App Library, using the App Store to locate hidden apps on the iPhone is less convenient. However, it aids in determining if you’ve removed (rather than hidden) an app or limited it using Screen Time.

Open the App Store, press Search in the lower-right corner of the screen, and type in the app’s name. Tap Open if it appears in the search results.

Instead, if you see a cloud-shaped icon next to the programme, press it to download it. After then, you may open it.

If you see a Restrictions Enabled notification while hitting Open, you’ll need to use Screen Time to allow the app. Next, we’ll check into it.

Removing Screen Time Limits/Restrictions

Screen Time is an iOS feature that allows you to track and limit how much time you spend on your iPhone. It also allows you to totally limit (hide) a number of native applications (Messages, Mail, Camera, and so on).

You can’t use Search, Siri, or the App Library to open apps that have been hidden by Screen Time. They appear on the App Store, but you are unable to open them. Only by removing the Screen Time limits will you be able to use these apps.

Select Content & Privacy Restrictions from the Settings app. If your iPhone prompts you for a Screen Time passcode, type it in. If you don’t remember your passcode, you may use your Apple ID credentials to reset it. After that, go to Allowed Apps and toggle on the switches next to the apps you wish to reveal. They’ll appear on the Home screen after that.

Examine your app’s hidden purchases

You may conceal app purchases on your iPhone in addition to deleting applications from the Home screen.

Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone to see a list of your hidden app purchases (so you can re-download them, for example). Then touch View Account, pick your Apple ID, and then hit Media & Purchases. Scroll down and tap Hidden Purchases on the next screen.

Unhide or locate

It’s simple to find even the most well-hidden apps on your iPhone using the methods outlined above. The majority of them may also be used to locate iPad apps that are hidden.