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How to free up space on the iPhone?

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iPhones can be a pain in the bum when its storage gets full. Everything you do, there is a pop-up saying iPhone storage is low, please free up space on your iPhone. It is too frustrating to deal with iPhone’s low storage when you are in the middle of doing something important and this message pops up. It is annoying and with the size of the applications and games that we have on the App Store these days, it is so much easier to fill 64GB of storage and even 128GB Storage seems less because the photos and videos clicked from an iPhone are heave in size. So, if you are out there wanting to buy an iPhone, I would highly recommend that you go with minimum storage of 128GB because anything below that is too less. You will be prompted with “Storage Almost Full” error sooner or later.

However, it is not always the apps or photos that is filling up your storage. I can bet that there will be data filling up your storage that you don’t actually need. It might be the media on your WhatsApp that you do not need. Someone might have sent you videos from family groups with heavy file size. It could be taking up a lot of storage on your iPhone. Delete that and see what remains. Do this check for all the apps that you have. Do a manual clean up first!

How to free up space on the iPhone?

It is very important to find out where your iPhone is filling out the valuable storage. So, follow the below mentioned steps to free up space on the iPhone.

  1. Unlock iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  3. At the top of the screen, you will see a colour coded bifurcation of what is taking the maximum storage on your iPhone. These will be categories like Photos and Videos, Documents and Apps.
  4. Below that bar, there is a whole list of apps installed on your iPhone with the figures on how much space they are taking up. It will automatically be sorted in the highest to lowest storage consumed.

The top five ways to free up space on your iPhone are:

  1. Clean your photo library. Keep what you want, delete what you do not want!
  2. Clear browser cache from Safari Settings.
  3. Clear app cache and unwanted app data from all installed apps.
  4. Delete unwanted images and attachments in WhatsApp and iMessages.
  5. Delete content like movies and other offline content, if you have it loaded on the iPhone.

If you follow this, I am sure you will be able to free up enough space to avoid that error message.